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Best Flea Markets in Pennsylvania

Best Flea Markets in Pennsylvania

Biggest Flea Markets in Pennsylvania

There are some very interesting flea markets in Pennsylvania. The state of Pennsylvania is a state in the northeastern United States, with its capital city in Harrisburg. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are two important cities where most of these antique markets are located.


Blue Ridge Flea Market in Saylorsburg

Blue Ridge Flea Market Located Just Off Routes 115 and 33 - Best Flea Markets in Pennsylvania

Blue Ridge Flea Market is one of the oldest operating markets in Saylorsburg. It is arguably one of the largest flea markets in Pennsylvania as well. The current location of this market is in Monroe County, and it has been accepting shoppers and vendors since 1976. Their location suits those who are residing in New York, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and Pocono Mountain Resorts. It is because you can find them a short ride away from these places, just off Routes 115 and 33.

As for the vendors, there are more than 300 of them here, selling many types of interesting merchandise for all ages. These items mostly include collectibles, jewelry, antiques, as well as some locally-grown fresh produce. They are open every Saturday & Sunday until the end of October. Other benefits of visiting Blue Ridge Flea Market are their free parking and KC’s Grill eatery, which serves quality meals.


Neighborhood Flea located in Pittsburgh

Neighborhood Flea Opened in 2014 Selling Vintage Items - USA Travel Tips

One of the famous Pittsburgh flea markets is the Neighborhood Flea. In 2014, Neighborhood Flea opened for those who want to shop for vintage items while enjoying good food and entertaining live performances. Here, you can find all kinds of antiques, books, furniture, and even clothes from the amazing vendors at this market. Also, there are some delicious food that will satisfy your hunger there. The Neighborhood Flea Market is at 28th inside Pittsburgh’s Strip District.


Root’s Old Mill Flea Market in Manheim

Root's Old Mill Flea Market Used to Be Where Local Farmers Selling Grains - Best Flea Markets in Pennsylvania

Root’s Old Mill Flea Market is another one of the great flea markets in Pennsylvania found in Lancaster County. The story of this market begins with local farmers gathering around this historic feed mill to sell and buy grains. In 1983, the vendors started coming here and then selling their merchandise. Hence, that is how this flea market came about, attracting the local community.

After many years of operation, Root’s Country Market & Auction purchased this mill, resulting in the name change to what it is today. The best day to come here is Tuesday since you will have access to over 175 vendors selling antiques, jewelry, antiques, and many more. Another day on which there are fewer vendors available is Saturday. On Saturdays, what you see here is different and more modest, but you will still see a lot of hand-made items here.


Rice’s Market located in Bucks County

USA Travel Tips - Rice's Market Was Where Farmers Brought Their Goods to Be Sold

Similar to Root’s Old Mill Flea Market, Rice’s Market started out as a location where farmers brought their goods to be sold there. Over the years, there were additions of indoor and outdoor vendor spots, attracting thousands of eager shoppers per week. It is good to know that currently, Rice’s Market is the largest and oldest outdoor market in Bucks County. This is why many people from Pennsylvania come here to find unique items and have a wonderful shopping experience.


Adamstown Antique Mall in Northern Lancaster County

Best Flea Markets in Pennsylvania - Adamstown Antique Mall Are Streched Along 7 Miles

The area in which Adamstown Antique Mall is located, Northern Lancaster County, is one of the best places for those looking for a complex of proper flea markets in Pennsylvania. It is because, along 7 miles, beginning from Adamstown, there are over a dozen antique stores selling everything your heart desires. Also, there are many specialty shops and good restaurants along this stretch of road. It is good to know that any day of the week you visit here, you will not leave empty-handed, as there are a few shops open to serve antique enthusiasts.

There are some good flea markets in Baltimore for those who cannot travel much from new jersey. Those markets are also worth a visit as they have a lot to offer in terms of antiques and clothing.

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