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Beaches in Ayia Napa to Visit in Summer



Beaches in Ayia Napa to Visit in Summer

Beaches in Ayia Napa to Visit in Summer

If you want to catch some sunlight during your holidays, therefore you should consider beaches in Ayia Napa to visit in Summer in the country of Cyprus. This place is a vast island on the Mediterranean coast that has some of the most amazing sunny beaches in the world. A trip to this island country with some of the most dreamy landscapes and bright Mediterranean sunshine is ideal for any tourist. Moreover, Cyprus is a warm Mediterranean island with its sandy beaches and rocky bays, making it one of the most popular seaside destinations in the world.


Makronissos Beach

Beaches in Ayia Napa to Visit in Summer - Makronissos Beach Consists of Three Small Bays

Makronissos Beach actually consists of three small bays with white and soft sand. This scenic beach is ideal for some sports and adventure activities such as paragliding, water skiing and scuba diving. Makronissos Beach has clear, calm and shallow water that can be very suitable for families and those who like to spend relaxing moments on the beach. The beach itself is very clean and well equipped.


Nissi Beach

Beaches in Ayia Napa to Visit in Summer - Nissi Beach is Known For its Always Lively And Happy Vibe

Nissi Beach is probably the most famous place among the beaches in Ayia Napa. Also, Nissi Beach is known for its always lively and happy vibe and it is a place that never sleeps. In the cafes of this beach you can always hear loud music and see happy and noisy crowds. Moreover, Nissi Beach is basically a vast bay of sand with shallow clear waters. Therefore, it is good that not to miss the opportunity to swim in the calm waters of this beautiful bay.


Landa Beach

Beaches in Ayia Napa to Visit in Summer - Landa Beach is A Very Comfortable Location And Well-Equipped Area

Landa Beach is one of the most clean beaches in Ayia Napa, located four kilometers west of the center of Ayia Napa. In general, Landa Beach is not very popular. However, at the peak season and on weekends, there are many travelers, tourists and residents of Cyprus coming here. Landa Beach is a very comfortable location and well-equipped area. Also, according to many tourists, it is ideally suited for children and families.


Konnos Bay

Beaches in Ayia Napa to Visit in Summer - Konnos Bay Attracts Countless Tourists From Far

This Konnos Bay with postcard views attracts countless tourists from far and near every year. Konnos Bay is one of the busiest beaches in Ayia Napa in summer time. It also becomes difficult to find a place to lie down here. You can get a beach seat for few euros and spend your time watching the scenery and do your sunbathing. Be sure to visit the cafe nearby the beach as well.


Pantachou Beach

What To Do in Cyprus - Pantachou Beach Connects Sea Caves With The "Lover's Bridge

Pantachou Beach is one of more popular beaches in Ayia Napa and has a beautiful coastline. It stretches from the port to the sea caves with the “lover’s bridge”. The coastline is normally divided into several places for swimming, but the shore of Pantachou Beach is considered to be a territory marked with a blue flag. In the ranking of the best beaches in Cyprus, this place leads in terms of the number of passengers that bring their children. Even locals bring their children here to swim in shallow water. Overall, Pantachou Beach isa  family friendly place.


Ayia Thekla Beach

What To Do in Cyprus - Ayia Thekla Beach

Ayia Thekla is located 400 meters south of Makronissos Beach. Here, locals and visitors who prefer silence and solitude relax. Holidays here are usually shorter for locals than in other areas. There is no hotel very close to the beach and the water inlet can become rocky in some areas. However, near the beach is safe and calm most of the time. Moreover, Ayia Thekla beach offers a few amenities. There is a restaurant nearby with national cuisine as well as a few bars.

If you like to try the culture here and eat local food, make sure to check out the most delicious dishes in Cyprus. Most of the cuisine in this country is consist of Mediterranean food which are both healthy and very tasty as well.

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