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Famous Cafes in Prague



Most Unique Cafes in Prague

Many seasoned travelers argue that most beautiful cafes in Prague are the ones with history. There are a lot of coffee shops in Prague that you should definitely visit during your trip to this beautiful city. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the cradle of culture and history of this country and is often included in the list of most beautiful cities in the world. When it comes to cafes and coffee shops, Prague has a lot to offer.

There are many cafes in Prague scattered throughout the city catering to different customers. In these cafes, you can enjoy the best espresso and traditional Czech drinks with delicious cakes and pancakes. These are some of the best coffee shops in Prague where many locals also visit.


Můj šálek Kávy Near City Center

Famous Cafes in Prague - Můj šálek Kávy is Located Near The City Center

Můj šálek kávy cafe is located a little far from the city center, but this distance has not diminished its popularity. Infact, Můj šálek kávy cafe is considered one of the popular cafes in Prague where local people frequently visit; in such a way that on weekends, you must make a reservation before going to the cafe.

It takes only 10 minutes from the city center to the cafe by tram. In addition to serving great coffees, this coffee shop allows you to choose your own coffee beans. Wonderful breakfasts and brunches are served in this cafe; From traditional English breakfast to whole grain pancakes with your favorite toppings, having breakfast at this coffee shop will be an unforgettable experience for you. This café is located in a quiet and beautiful place in a street covered with trees. In the summer season, customers can use outdoor tables as well.


EMA Espresso Bar in Na Florenci Area

EMA Espresso Bar is Found in Na Florenci Area Serving Quality Espresso

This stylish café, in Na Florenci area, with its minimalist and Scandinavian atmosphere uses top of the line espresso machines found in all of coffee shops in Prague. You can find this machine in only one other coffee shops in Prague. Using this espresso machine, coffee is prepared from different European roasters and served with the best sandwiches, soup of the day and even Kolach. Coffee tasting events are also held in this cafe, which are famous for the excellent quality of the coffees.


La Bohème Café near Vinohradská Avenue

La Bohème Café is near Vinohradská Avenue - Most Unique Cafes in Prague

What makes La Boheme Café stand out among cafes in Prague is its attractive appearance. This cafe is located in a place that used to be a furniture store near Vinohradská Avenue on Sázavská street. The interior of this cafe is custom designed and the coffee cups of this cafe have beautiful designs. There are coffee roasters on the ground floor of the cafe and on the upper floor. Cafe Bohem is famous for serving special coffee drinks, special teas and delicious pies.


Den Noc in The Old Town

Den Noc is Located in The Old Town Famed for its Pancakes and Coffee Drinks

The small and cozy Cafe Dan Nos in the old part of Prague serves amazing pancakes. Pancakes of this cafe have earned the title of the best pancakes in all of cafes in Prague. In this cafe, all kinds of sweets, from gluten-free to dairy-free, are served to customers. Den Nos Cafe gets very busy but the staff is very kind and the owner is very hospitable. Lemonades and very delicious drinks are served in this cafe.


Choco Café near Clementinum

Choco Café is Located near Clementinum Building With A Magnificent Interior

Choco Café is an ideal place for coffee and chocolate lovers. This small cafe is located between the Old Quarter and the Vltava River where many of cozy coffee shops in Prague are located. Delicious hot chocolates are served in this cafe. In the menu of the cafe, you can see a variety of quiche, salad and bruschetta. Traditional Hot chocolate is the traditional Czech melted chocolate. This hot chocolate is served alone or with whipped cream, fruit or ice cream as a topping.


Beautiful Coffee Shops Prague

These coffee shops in Prague mentioned below not only serve some of the most unique coffee in the city but also some of the most delicious yet more high end food in Prague in a beautiful and historical building. Make sure to give them a visit during your trip to this magnificent city.


Café Imperial in Art Deco Imperial Hotel

Café Imperial in Art Deco Imperial Hotel - Beautiful Coffee Shops Prague

This beautiful and luxurious cafe with art deco design is an ideal place for those people who are looking for great food in a very beautiful environment. While the interior of the cafe takes the customers to the charming era of the 20th century, the coffee, breakfast and delicious cakes of the Imperial Café, which are served in beautiful dishes, create a great experience for the customers. Café Imperial is one of high end coffee shops in Prague located near the old quarter of Prague.


Café Savoy in Malá Strana Area

Beautiful Coffee Shops Prague - Café Savoy is Located in Malá Strana Area

Café Savoy is one of well-known cafes in Prague, which is beautifully designed in the style of Parisian cafes, is not far from the city center. Café Savoy with high and painted ceilings is located by the river and near Petřín Gardens. On the second floor of this cafe, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. The breakfast offerings of this cafe are very famous and are divided into three categories: English, French and Continental.

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