Top Restaurants in Hermanus

Top Restaurants in Hermanus

Restaurants in Hermanus Near the Beach

Some of the restaurants in Hermanus are world-famous due to their geographical situation in the whale-watching city of Hermanus. This seaside town is located in the southeast part of Cape Town and offers great beaches like Grotto Beach and Voëlklip Beach. In fact, most of the restaurants in this list are very close to the harbor and have a great view of the sea.


Fick’s Pool Restaurant Famous for its Seafood

Fick's Pool Restaurant is A Unique Place With A Fantastic View - Top Restaurants in Hermanus

Ficks is one of the more famous restaurants in Hermanus amongst both locals and tourists. This is a unique place with a fantastic view of the Ficks Pool, which is also a historic site. They are famous for their cocktails and their seafood. Also, you can still get good vegetarian dishes here as well. Their prices are reasonable; however, they are slightly more expensive for a casual dining experience.


Dutchies Restaurant for Dutch Cuisine

Dutchies Restaurant is Located at Grotto Beach - South Africa Travel Tips

Dutchies is located at Grotto Beach with both mountains as well as ocean views. As the name suggests, the theme of the food is Dutch cuisine. Also, you can still get local seafood dishes and even sushi here. This is the place for comfort food, cheap beer, and many table discussions. Make sure to have the Dutch Stroopwafel with some coffee here as dessert too.


Pear Tree Bistro in Village Square

Top Restaurants in Hermanus - Pear Tree Bistro Offers Vegetarian And Vegan Dishes

Pear Tree Bistro is perhaps amongst the best vegetarian restaurants in Hermanus, which you should definitely visit. What sets this place apart from the rest is that they solely focus on vegetarian and vegan dishes. Their plating skills also make your food picture worthy. Interestingly, their prices, even for exotic dishes, are very reasonable; however, the portions are not very filling.


Fishermans Cottage near Old Harbour Museum

Fishermans Cottage Used to Be A Historical Building - Top Restaurants in Hermanus

The Fisherman’s Cottage used to be a historical building that, in 1991, became a restaurant. This is where you go to mingle with light-hearted individuals and experience home-cooked food. The place is very welcoming, and the beautiful small building here has interesting décor, uplifting and positive vibes. The prices are also very good and suitable for those who want gourmet food that does not break the bank.


Burgundy Restaurant for Exotic Cuisine

Burgundy Restaurant is Very Close to The Harbor - Top Restaurants in Hermanus

Burgundy Restaurant is part of a collection of restaurants in Hermanus, like Bientang’s Cave which is very close to the harbor, providing top-quality seafood and other delicacies to mostly foreign travelers. The food in this restaurant is more exotic and unique; as a result, their prices are slightly higher than the neighboring restaurants.


Rossi’s Italian Restaurant Offering Al forno Dishes

South Africa Travel Tips - Rossi's Italian Restaurant is One of Oldest Operating Eateries

Rossi’s Italian Restaurant is a good eatery that is in the vicinity of Bientang’s Cave & Burgundy restaurants. It is one of the oldest operating eateries in this town which is currently located in Fisherman’s Cottage. They are famous for their Al forno or oven-baked dishes, which are quite cheap. The pizzas, salads, and even steaks are all very reasonably priced, and you can get very tasty options here. The Affogado and Irish Cream cocktails will complement your drinks here too.


Bientang’s Cave Restaurant & Wine Bar near Old Harbour

Top Restaurants in Hermanus - Bientang's Cave Restaurant & Wine Bar is A Perfect Location for Whale Watching

Bientang’s Cave is another one of the internationally famous restaurants in Hermanus, of both its view and magnificent seafood. Also, the wine offerings here are some of the best you get in Hermanus. The surrounding of this restaurant is a perfect location for whale watching from May till December. It is good to know that this area is the only whale sanctuary available on this continent.

Other than whales, you can sometimes spot dolphins, Humpbacks, and Orca here too. The menu here consists of Potjies, Curry dishes, Soups, Burgers, and burgers. If you are vegetarian, there are tasty options for you here too. Even though this restaurant is situated in a prime location, their food menu is not that expensive, and generally, all their dishes cost less than $20 and the beer less than $5.

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