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Top Restaurants in Maricopa

Top Restaurants in Maricopa

Best Restaurants in Maricopa

Food in Maricopa is simple and most Arizonians are familiar with it. While visiting the golf course here, check out restaurants in Maricopa that offer great Americana style food as well as some Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. Maricopa is a small community with hospitable people and a lot of places to roam around and play golf. This is a great city which is populated with Arizonia locals and as a result you get to eat mostly American food here.

Even though the BBQ is not what they are known for here, it is worth checking out places like Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to have proper barbeque sausages and pork ribs. There are other dishes like sushi, Middle eastern and Asian ones are also found here but more importantly all the food options here are reasonably priced and much more healthy than the fast food chains.


Gyro Grill for Great Greek Food

Top Restaurants in Maricopa - Gyro Grill Uses Fresh Ingredients And Traditional Greek Cooking Method

For Mediterranean food in Maricopa, head to Gyro Grill to get get some nice doner style kebaps, grilled chicken and skewered meat from skillful cooks. What makes this restaurant a place to be is that they use fresh ingredients and they always stick to their traditional Greek cooking methods and spices. Gyro Grill is one of the best restaurants in Maricopa for having delicious and cheap food in this city. Furthermore, the Gyro Grill menu includes items such as appetizers, salads, wraps and gyro plates. Most of the prices are very budget friendly and the service here always comes with a smile. The location of this eatery is at North John Wayne Parkway.


Sunrise Cafe Maricopa

Top Restaurants in Maricopa - Sunrise Cafe Maricopa is A Good Place For A Nice And Tasty Grub

Sunrise Cafe Maricopa is famous for their amazing breakfast and lunch menus. Their specialty is their unique sandwiches that most options will cost you less than $10. It is definitely worth a visit for a nice and tasty grub. This is another one of restaurants in Maricopa that you can find at North John Wayne Parkway since this city is small and most eateries are just close to each other.

*Update: This restaurant is no longer operational.


Jersey Mike’s Subs Sandwich Shop

A Guide For Food in Maricopa - Jersey Mike's Subs Sells Sub Sandwiches With Fresh Ingredients

For an afternoon meal, nothing beats a fresh sub made with fresh ingredients, amazing sauce and fantastic cold cuts. You can find all of them at Jersey Mike’s Subs. The sub sandwiches are similar to Subway sandwiches but with better bread, fresher vegetables and their special sauce that make this place a must go location for hungry travelers. Another thing that makes this sandwich shop great is its employees and cleanliness. Employees here are always smiling and very attentive to customers’ orders and also the place is always kept clean and tidy.


Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

USA Travel Tips - Dickey's Barbecue Pit is on The West Side of Casa Grand Highway

Southern food in Maricopa is slightly hard to come by, that is why for barbeque lovers, Dickey’s BBQ Pit is a godsent. Dickey’s BBQ has a long history in this city and operates from two joins; one in John Wayne Parkway and the other is on the West side of Casa Grand Highway. The main offerings here are Polish and  Jalapeno Sausages, Pork Ribs, grilled chicken and beef brisket. All of their meat has no additives and everything is as clean as it can be here.


Helen’s Kitchen

USA Travel Tips - Helen's Kitchen is Located Around the North John Wayne Parkway

Helen’s Kitchen is one of only restaurants in Maricopa that offers truly home cooked dishes that are actually flavorful. The food here is comfort food and the most favorite among regular customers are their fried chicken steaks and their delicious biscuits. Most of the locals go here to have their breakfast especially if they want to have hearty omelettes or some lightly fried meats. Also, like other joints, Helen’s Kitchen is located around the North John Wayne Parkway.

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