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Top 8 Restaurants in Melbourne



Best Restaurants in Melbourne

In this article you can discover some of the best restaurants Melbourne has to offer. Hence, check out these top 8 restaurants in Melbourne for their amazing food offerings. Melbourne is home to many world class restaurants and cafes. However, there’s more to this city than expensive dining. Melbourne’s city center has a lot of fantastic food at affordable prices. Also, there’s so many types that you will surely find what you are looking for.


Coda near ACMI

Best Restaurants Melbourne - Coda Offers Dishes Like Steak Tartare And Spring Rolls

You can find this old basement underneath one of Melbourne’s cobbled lane very close to ACMI. It’s an interesting mixture of French & Vietnamese cuisine and one of best restaurants Melbourne has to offer in this category. Coda is very famous because of its intimate, comfortable atmosphere as well as helpful staff. Favorites dishes here are steak tartare, spring rolls as well as Beetel leaves with crab.


Attica Fine Dining Restaurant in Ripponlea

Top 8 Restaurants In Melbourne - Attica is One of The Top 50 Restaurants Worldwide

It is one of the top 50 restaurants worldwide as well as 2nd best in the country. Eating here is more of a food journey than just a meal. Here, each meal you are given offers something extra and wakes all of your senses. Every dish is full of flavors and interesting mixtures, which makes your dining here memorable. The  food here is not cheap, however, it is worth the price. Try to book before hand to make sure you have a table available to you.


Chin Chin in East End and Near Flinders Street Railway Station

Australia Travel Tips - Chin Chin is A Gay Friendly Thai Place With A Dedicated Bar

Chin Chin is one of best restaurants in Melbourne visitors can go to try Thai food. There are many events taking place here. In fact Chin Chin is really a gay friendly place and has a dedicated bar if you want to just drink in there. You can find Chin Chin Restaurant at 125 Flinders Ln in East End neighborhood.


San Telmo near Parliament House

Best Restaurants Melbourne - San Telmo Has A Relaxed And Cozy Vibe Serving Latin Dishes

San Telmo is the best spot if you want to try Argentinian food. Because of its relaxed, has a cozy vibe and it is a local favorite near Parliament House. They serving all the famous dishes of Latin America as well.


Cumulus Inc. near Collins Place Shopping Plaza

Best Restaurants Melbourne - Cumulus Inc. Has A Stylish And Relaxing Vibe

This place serves all kinds of meals the entire day including breakfast. Also, you can enjoy the wine bar upstairs before dinner. Cumulus Inc has a stylish and relaxing vibe inside where they serve delicious food. Also, the Cumulus Inc. is located near Collins Place Shopping Plaza.


Delhi Streets near Melbourne Aquarium

Top 8 Restaurants In Melbourne - Delhi Streets is Located Near the Southern Cross Station

You can find this modern Indian restaurant near the Southern Cross Station, near Melbourne Aquarium. With smell and spices from the kitchen, as well as Indian music filling the atmosphere, this place is always good to eat at. Also, there are many options including vegetarians and meat. Therefore, there is some food for everyone’s taste.


Il Bacaro near Chinatown Neighborhood

Top 8 Restaurants In Melbourne - Il Bacaro is Famous For its Unique Italian Food

Il Bacaro Cucina, as a favorite of locals, is famous for its unique Italian food located near Chinatown neighborhood. Offering Italian dishes with a serious gourmet touch, this isn’t your normal Italian restaurant. Also, the menu at il Bacaro Cucina is full of delicious delights.


+39 Pizzeria CBD at Little Bourke Street

Australia Travel Tips - +39 Pizzeria CBD Offers Great Food At Affordable Price

As one of the best restaurants in Melbourne for pies and pizzas, they serve some of the best pizza in the city. +39 Pizzeria CBD is one of the best best restaurants Melbourne offers its visitors. This place is good if you’re wanting great food at affordable price. The high quality of their food is one of few reasons why this place is fantastic value for money. They serve both classics, as well as some of their own recipes. Also, +39 Pizzeria CBD offers a wide range of pastas & sides.

After trying these magnificent restaurants in Melbourne, it is worth take a stroll through the city and check out Melbourne attractions. As a fusion city, you can see many cultural heritage site as well as beautiful landmarks in this part of Australia.

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