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Melbourne Attractions



Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne is known as the cultural capital of Australia. There are many Melbourne Attractions that tourists can visit and Melbourne is home to galleries, gardens, museums and nature reserves. The city has interesting architectures ranging from Victorian structures to contemporary designs. With good food, nightlife, shopping and a lot of attractions, Melbourne counts as one of the best cities in Australia.

Moreover, when you are traveling to Melbourne, make sure to try the top restaurants in Melbourne. This city has a lot of unique eateries that offer variety of food from all over the world.



Royal Exhibition Building

Royal Exhibition Building Australia's First Federal Parliament - Melbourne Attractions

You can go to the Carlton area to visit the Royal Exhibition Building. The building was built in 1880. This Building was the location of Australia’s first federal parliament. Although parts of the building were destroyed by fire, the main hall still stands and has an incredible dome-shaped roof.

The building is a local exhibition for local events and customs, however, you can go inside during the opening hours for tours and viewing. Incredible gallery, beautiful furniture and striking designs of the original architect, Joseph Reed, can be seen in the building.


Fitzroy Gardens

Melbourne Attractions - Fitzroy Gardens A Beautiful Public Park

You can find Fitzroy Garden in the central business district. The garden dates back to 1848, when it was built as a public space. Creating a beautiful public park was rare at that time, therefore it plays an important role in highlighting Melbourne as a city.

Since Fitzgerald Garden is more than 160 years old, it has many beautiful and old trees and sights. Willow and elm trees were also popular during the 19th century. Today, you can see the scenery of the Victoria and the Ornamental Lake and even the Cooks’ Cottage where James Cook’s parents lived, all the way from England to Melbourne.


Hosier Lane

Melbourne Attractions - Hosier Lane A Beautiful Artwork Along The Yara River

When visiting Hosier Street, one of many Melbourne attractions, you will understand local urban street art. A short walk from the bank to the Yara River makes you see the local street art and culture. The path is decorated with stone walls by pieces. You can see the murals using capital letters and bright colors. Take your camera and walk along the way and capture magnificent shots of the city art. Also, visit the impressive Routledge art gallery while you are in the area.


Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Attractions - Melbourne Zoo Where Rare Species of Local Animals Habitat

In the Parkville area, you can see the Melbourne Zoo. This is a special zoo because the animals live in nature and their habitat is designed for the comfort of the animals rather than the comfort of the visitors. In this zoo you will see a rare species of local animals. Also, do not miss the Wild Sea section, there, you can see penguins. There is also a 19th century English carousel at the zoo that kids will definitely love to ride.


Fed Square

Melbourne Attractions - Fed Square A Central Square For People to Meet

If you want to reach the heart and soul of Melbourne, visit the Fed Square. This is a central square for people to gather around. Since this area is in the center, you will definitely see it. Fed Square is where the Australian section of the Victoria National Gallery as well as the center of Australia is depicted. Also, there are street cafes and bars with local flavors.


National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne Attractions - National Gallery of Victoria Known As NGV International

Furthermore, you can Australia’s largest, oldest and most impressive art museum in this city. The National Gallery of Victoria, NGV, has an incredible collection of important works of art. This gallery has two sections. The first, located on Kilda Street, is called NGV International. In this section, you will see the art of Europe, Asia and the United States.


Melbourne Cricket Ground

Australia Attractions - Melbourne Cricket Ground Located Pak Yarra Street

Melbourne is the largest cricket stadium in the country, and one of the largest in the world. This land is located in Pak Yarra. The stadium is popularly known as ‘G’ and was built in the mid-19th century. Even if you are not able to play cricket at the time of your visit, visit Melbourne Cricket Ground for once. Also, you can visit this field during your visit to the Australian Sports Museum.


Eureka Skydeck

Australia Travel Guide - Eureka Skydeck Gives A Panoramic View

One of the tallest buildings, and one of in Melbourne is the Eureka Skydeck. If you want to have a panoramic view of the city, this tower is the only place that is suitable for this purpose. When visiting, you can see there are two elevators to use. In less than 40 seconds, you will be transferred from the ground to the 88th floor. The edge of this tower is a square of glass where its floor is clear and you can see around from any angle.


Queen Victoria Market

Australia Travel Guide - Queen Victoria Market Selling Delicious Food And Fresh Drinks

Moreover, one of prime Melbourne attractions is the Queen Victoria Market. This open market is one of the largest markets in the world, dating back to the 19th century. The locals call it Queen Vic Market or just Vic Market. In fact, the name of the market does not come from the Queen, however it is known because it is on a corner of Queen Victoria Street.

The best way to get around the market is on foot. You can buy fresh vegetables, jewelry and clothes from various stores. Delicious food and fresh drinks and spending the day in this relaxing and exciting environment in the heart of the city will make your trip more enjoyable.


Royal Botanic Gardens

Australia Travel Guide - Royal Botanic Gardens Lush Gardens in The Middle of City

On South Yarra Street, you will see the Royal Botanic Gardens which is one of central Melbourne Attractions. These lush gardens are in the heart of Melbourne, but you think they are miles away. In the Royal Botanic Gardens, you can stroll along the Forest Walk and see different plant species along the way. Also, take a deep breath in the rose garden and enjoy the colorful blooms and romantic atmosphere. Visit the ornamental lake for special scenery there.

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