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5 Best Restaurants In Bursa



5 Best Restaurants In Bursa

Bursa is a city in Turkey that offers traditional Turkish cuisine, Italian dishes as well as modern local dishes. Here are some of the the city’s very best restaurants for your next visit to Bursa.


1. Selcuk Restaurant

5 Best Restaurants In Bursa

Selcuk Restaurant is one of Bursa’s most classic restaurants and people come here for Turkish and international cuisine. You can begin you meal here with tzatziki, beyaz cheese with melon mezzes as well as Russian salad with hummus. Next, you can also try ali nazik which is lamb with smoky roasted eggplant and yoghurt. Also, for dessert, you can get one of their tasty chocolate soufflé or panna cotta.


2. Demo

5 Best Restaurants In Bursa

This cafe is a very modern and stylish place that serves Turkish, European as well as international dishes with live music. Demo is youngsters go to eat and have fun. They are mostly open till late and serve tasty breakfast like toasted sandwiches, omelets, pancakes.


3. Ege Balik

5 Best Restaurants In Bursa

Ege Balik is a Mediterranean and Aegean inspired seafood restaurant with a beautiful interior that matches its seafood offerings.


4. Hayat Lokantasi

In this restaurant, you can try classic dishes such as goat kebab,börek , roasted lamb marinated in buttermilk as well askuru fasulye. Moreover, on weekends, there is a breakfast buffet available that has more classic Turkish dishes with many local cheese.


5. Hasköyüm Pidecisi

5 Best Restaurants In Bursa

Hasköyüm Pidecisi is a popular place that serves the best pide (Turkish flatbread) in town. Therefore, try to have a visit here and try their meat flavor pide for lunch.

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