Top 7 Restaurants for Kobe Beef in Tokyo

Top 7 Restaurants for Kobe Beef in Tokyo

Best Restaurants for Kobe Beef in Tokyo

If you want to get the best Kobe and Wagyu beef Tokyo has to offer, then you need to check out these restaurants for Kobe beef in Tokyo. When it comes to Japanese food, the idea is that if it is not of high quality, then it’s not good. Kobe beef is a good example of this belief. It does not matter whether you like beef or steak; there is a Kobe beef restaurant available for you in Tokyo.



1. Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 near Akasaka-Mitsuke Station

Top 7 Restaurants for Kobe Beef in Tokyo - Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 Offers A5 Grade Beef

Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511, located near Columbia Street, is at Akasaka, one beef joint with a seriously good reputation. Their beef quality, as well as exceptional service, mean that it is a must-visit place to have Kobe beef in Tokyo. The name of this restaurant comes from the best A5 grade beef with a beef high standard value of 11. Other than beef, you can choose other food options on the menu.


2. Zakuro Ginza very close to Ginza Station

Wagyu Beef Tokyo - Zakuro Ginza Provides Shabu-Shabu Japanese Style of Food

To eat Kobe beef, you should have it with shabu-shabu. It is mainly a Japanese-style hot pot with vegetables and skinny slices of beef boiled in water. Also, you can try your cooking skills by making your unique shabu-shabu in one of the private dining rooms all over the restaurant. Zakuro Ginza also offers some other wagyu beef Tokyo tourists can enjoy.


3. Omotesando Ukai Tei in The GYRE Shopping Mall

Top 7 Restaurants for Kobe Beef in Tokyo - Omotesando Ukai Tei Offers French Style Teppanyaki

After trying Kobe beef in Tokyo the shabu-shabu way, then you need to have it the teppanyaki way. Teppanyaki is food cooked on an iron plate. In fact, it is a normal way of cooking beef but also refers to any other dish made on a large plate. You can find this restaurant in the famous hub of Omotesando, where they mix Japanese black beef with French-style dishes.


4. New York Grill in Park Hyatt Hotel

Top 7 Restaurants for Kobe Beef in Tokyo - New York Grill Has Federico Heinzmann As The Chef

New York Grill provides some of the best Kobe beef in Tokyo. You will find this place at the Park Hyatt. Also, New York Grill is home to Federico Heinzmann, who is one of the masters of Kobe beef steak. They usually offer Hokkaido and Sendai beef; however, their Kobe beef is also a must-have when you are there.


5. Ningyocho Imahan near Ningyōchō Station

Wagyu Beef Tokyo - Ningyocho Imahan is in Operation For 120 Years And Has Vintage Floor Seating

Ningyocho Imahan has been in operation for 120 years, giving many types of wagyu beef Tokyo food lovers can appreciate. It is both a restaurant and a butcher shop, meaning that you get the freshest cuts of beef on your plate. The most recommended area to try the beef is near Nihonbashi. It has vintage floor seating. Also, they offer a lunch deal that will cost you less than US$50.


6. Gyūan close to Higashi-Ginza Subway Station

What to Do in Japan - Gyūan Has Humble Wood-Paneled Rooms Attracting Huge Crowd

The food price in Gyuan in Ginza is truly reasonable. With its humble wood-paneled rooms and good Japanese attitude, it is no doubt one of the most unique restaurants that you can try Kobe beef in Tokyo. However, if your travel time in Japan is limited, then eating here is tricky because of the huge crowd. It’s good to have a booking about a week before you want to dine in.


7. Yoroniku near Ebisu Station

What to Do in Japan - Yoroniku is A Aoyama Restaurant Offering High End Food Experience

Yoroniku is famous for being one of the best places for Kobe beef as well as other wagyu beef Tokyo has to offer to its fans. This trendy Aoyama restaurant is a memorable high-end dining experience. Moreover, at Yoroniku, you will have a Kobe experience tour. The tasting menu will cost you around $90 to $100. However, this is rather an education in beef appreciation than just a meal. This restaurant is located close to Ebisu Station on Ebisu 1 street.

If you are planning to travel to other cities in Japan for food, Osaka is a good option. On your trip, you should try to explore the best Osaka restaurants to have Osaka food. These restaurants offer local Japanese flavors that are unique to the Osaka region, especially the vegetable and the rice flavor.

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