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Top Restaurants in San Angelo

Top Restaurants in San Angelo

Best Restaurants in San Angelo

For having some quality Southern food San Angelo has to offer, visitors to this great city should try at least one of top restaurants in San Angelo mentioned here. In these restaurants and taverns you will receive the outmost southern hospitality and some great food. After that you can head out and enjoy the vast natural landscapes available all over this city.



The Grill foe Delicious Sub SAndwiches

Top Restaurants in San Angelo - The Grill Provides Quesadillas, Tacos And Pork Enchiladas

The Grill is one of the best restaurants in San Angelo for comfort food. It operates in the heart of the city and Chef Felipe Armenta offer great infusion of  Southwest cuisine with some of top wines in the world. This great eatery provides briskets, nachos and a lot of seafood dishes. The customers here really like the lunch specials that are very affordable and the portions are big as well. You can get quesadillas, tacos, pork enchiladas and, all time favorite, Turkey club.


Cork & Pig Tavern at North Side of O’Connor Blvd

Cork & Pig Tavern is Good For for Some Quality Food San Angelo Offers - Top Restaurants in San Angelo

Cork & Pig Tavern is the place to be at for some quality food San Angelo offers its visitors. They generally have simple dishes such as ribs, sandwiches as well as pork chops. However, if you want to try their specials, then you should order their wood-over pizzas or Beignet. It is good to know that Beignet is a type of sweet pastry made from fried dough. Since this place is more high end their prices are also slightly higher yet still very reasonable. However, if you want unique cocktails, red and white ones this is the place to be. You can find Cork & Pig Tavern at North side of O’Connor Blvd.


Texas Roadhouse famous for Steaks

USA Travel Tips - Texas Roadhouse is Part of A Nationwide Steak Franchise

Texas Roadhouse is part of a Franchise that has branches all over the country. It is the place to go if you crave steaks. However, they have burgers, sandwiches and salads. The good thing is that they have kids meal and a located in a place that is spacy and has a lot of parking spots. Their quality is acceptable and the steaks are cooked to order as well.


The Wharf Restaurant and Tavern on W. Loop 306 Drive Way

A Guide to Food San Angelo - The Wharf Restaurant and Tavern Has Seafood Cuisine And Steak Dishes

The Wharf Restaurant and Tavern is another one of seafood restaurants in San Angelo that is located along the famous W. Loop 306 drive way. This restaurant has an extensive selection of wines. Also, their main focus is seafood cuisine and steak dishes. However, you can still get some some bites and appetizers here. The distinct interior design makes The Wharf a must go place if you love great quality food and wooden décor. Also, they are quite famous for their Surf ‘N’ Turf which is actually a mixture of steak and seafood.


Joe’s Italian Restaurant for Homemade Pasta and Pizzas

A Guide to Food San Angelo - Joe's Italian Restaurant Offers Deep Dish Sicilian Pizza

For some quality Italian food San Angelo has to offer, you can visit Joe’s Italian Restaurant. It is true that like many Italian restaurants in the USA you cannot get the authentic flavors like the ones in Italy. However, this is quite normal and still Joe’s Italian Restaurant tries to be as original as possible. The positive point about this restaurant is their great service and great tasting dishes while costing not much. The stars of their menu are Deep Dish Sicilian as well as any of their chicken dishes. Head to Bryant Blvd S for some tasty home made pasta and pizzas at Joe’s.


Grill-A-Burger on Bryant Boulevard

Top Restaurants in San Angelo - Grill-A-Burger is Located At Chadbourne Street

Grill-A-Burger is one of best restaurants in san Angelo that provides top quality burgers, wings and fried chicken meals. They are operated by very friendly Hispanic community of women and you always see locals come down for quality and delicious burgers. You can find Grill-A-Burger at Chadbourne Street which is accessible through Bryant boulevard.


Catfish Corner Known for its Grilled Catfish

USA Travel Tips - Catfish Corner Focuses Mainly on Making Grilled Cat Fish

Some of the best sea food San Angelo has to offer are found in Catfish Corner. This restaurants focuses mainly on making grilled catfish. However, they have good friend chicken strips and some delicacies like frog legs. Since the place is like a family run business, you receive good service but need to wait for your food. This Catfish Corner is one of good seafood restaurants in San Angelo which is located West of Beauregard Ave.

If you are visiting South and love some good barbeque, check out the best eateries for Austin BBQ. This part the country, as a whole, serves some of the most delicious BBQ you can get and most of the time exports its barbeque making knowledge to other states.


Food in San Angelo

Depending on the location of restaurants in San Angelo, what you will mostly find here is the Mexican food in San Angelo because of the diaspora which has lived here and influenced the cuisine here as well. The good thing is that the Mexican food here is very affordable and has a lot of flavor.

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