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5 Best Cheap Eats in Seattle

5 Best Cheap Eats in Seattle

Finding Cheap Eats in Seattle

The USA is a country with many cuisines, and this article focuses on 5 best cheap eats in Seattle if you ever visit this wonderful place. Seattle has many immigrants from all over the world; therefore, visitors can get the best cheap eats Seattle has to offer that come in many flavors. No matter where in the world you are, or how much money you have, it helps to know the less expensive places to eat. In Seattle, with a lot of food choices, there are many places that are good for any budget.



Saigon Vietnam Deli

Travel Guide USA - Saigon Vietnam Deli Serves Many Tasty Dishes That Cost Very Little

This small shop serves many tasty, cheap eats in Seattle that cost very little for their amazing quality. This shop has delicious sandwiches for only 3 dollars each. Also, they have takeout, delivery as well as catering, making it one of the best places in Seattle’s International District. The most famous food here is the deli’s banh mi.

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Tat’s Delicatessen near Smith Tower

5 Best Cheap Eats in Seattle - cheap eats in Seattle

Some of the deli’s are expensive; however, Tat’s deli is where you can grab some of the best cheap eats in Seattle. Opened in 2004, this deli offers food in-store, as takeout, or have it delivered to you. Their menu items consist of Philly steaks, subs as well as hoagies. You can choose your bread here as well. The best ones are normally white and rye if you want to get the most out of your subs or pastrami sandwiches. The location of Tat’s Delicatessen is very close to Smith Tower in the Downtown area.


Dong Thap Noodles located on South Side of 12th Avenue

USA Travel Tips - Dong Thap Noodles Provides Very Famous Noodle in Town

Dong Thap Noodles is one of many Seattle cheap eats. They offer very famous noodles all over the town. Their small space gets crowded, so be sure to call ahead or be ready to wait in line before getting your hands on a tasty bowl of pho. In general, this soup is not spicy; however, you can add a small amount of chili to it to bring out more flavor from this fantastic soup. You can find Dong Thap Noodles on the south side of 12th Avenue, which is very close to Dong Thap Noodles South Jackson Street, too.


Tacos Chukis Mexican food at Capitol Hill

5 Best Cheap Eats in Seattle - Offers Some of The Cheap Eats in Seattle For Burritos And Tacos

This shop offers some of the best cheap eats in Seattle, including mulitas, baby burritos, tacos, quesadillas, as well as tacos chukis from $2 and $7 each. These tacos are suitable if you are on the go or if you have had some drinks and you want to grab some delicious food afterward. They operate from a few locations, which are currently located at Beacon Hill, Soth Lake Union, Capitol Hill, and the Central District.


Paseo Caribbean Food in Fremont and SoDo Areas

Budget Food USA - Paseo Caribbean Food Offers Some of The Best Cheap Eats Seattle

Paseo Caribbean Food is where the best cheap eats Seattle is in the city. This eatery uses local ingredients to bring Caribbean flavors to the City. They are famous for their sandwiches and have constantly voted as one of the best spots to have sandwiches in the United States. Also, they provide very delicious bowls as well as delightful entrées. Caribbean food goes well with some beer as well. In general, they are saltier than other cuisines. Therefore, if you are controlling your salt intake, try the rice dishes and vegetables here. The main locations in which you can find Paseo eatery are in Fremont and SoDo areas; however, they have more and more branched popping up around the city.

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