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The 5 Prettiest Cities In The USA



The 5 Prettiest Cities In The USA

The 5 Prettiest Cities In The USA

To see the most beautiful cities in the USA, you need to travel across this great country. Here are the 5 prettiest cities in the USA offering great scenery as well as unique culture to visitors. United Stated of America is a very big country and there are many sights that will impress you for good. Here, we pay respect to the large and diverse beauty that exist in the U.S. with some of the most beautiful towns available here.



1. St. Petersburg (Florida)

The 5 Prettiest Cities In The USA - St. Petersburg (Florida) is Mostly Warm With Clear Sky

This town is not as famous as Miami, however St. Petersburg truly displays Florida as the ‘Sunshine State’. This city is mostly warm with clear sky most of the time. Therefore, beaches here are the place to go. Also, you can visit the Salvador Dali Museum, that houses the biggest collection of his work in the western world.


2. San Francisco

The 5 Prettiest Cities In The USA - San Francisco is Beautiful And Welcoming

San Francisco, in California, is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA. This city is beautiful and welcoming, with many landmarks, cultural hots pots as well as Victorian homes.

If you are interested to venture through Los Angeles in California, you should definitely visit the 7 best attractions in Los Angeles as well. these sights and attractions are unique to this part of the world and nice weather here makes your visit even more memorable.


3. Virginia Beach (Virginia)

United States Travel Tips - Virginia Beach (Virginia) Attracts Many Surfers

Virginia Beach attracts many surfers due to its impressive Atlantic waves. It offers fantastic restaurants and romantic scenery. Also, the Busch Gardens amusement park is a great draw for visiting families.


4. Newport (Rhode Island)

United States Travel Tips - Newport (Rhode Island) is Famous For its Architectural Buildings

Another one of most beautiful cities in the USA is Newport in Rhode Island. This city is famous for its architectural buildings as well as historic neighborhood. The city is also considered a very good place for sailing.


6. Philadelphia

Most Beautiful Cities in The USA - Philadelphia is A Gem Between New York And Washington

This place is the 5th most crowded city in the country. Philadelphia is a gem placed between New York and Washington. This city recently has become a tourist destination. It’s has great restaurants and museums. The icon of this city is the cheese-steak.

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