Best Korean Restaurants in London

Best Korean Restaurants in London

Korean Restaurants in London for BBQ

For those travelers who want to try Korean BBQ in London, there are good options amongst Korean restaurants in London offering great value for the money. Korean cuisine is something many travelers can adjust to and enjoy while visiting this city. It is because the dishes are simple and pack great flavors. Also, sometimes the barbeque deals offered by these restaurants can help you save a lot of money while eating a very filling meal.


Dotori near Finsbury Park Station

Dotori Offers Traditional Korean and Japanese Food Near Finsbury Park - Travel Guide UK

Dotori is a good place to visit for traditional Korean and Japanese food. Also, it is one of the good Korean restaurants in London that also serves Pan-Asian cuisine. You do not need to make a booking to eat here. However, this place is only open on weekends from 5 to late in the evening. To get to Dotori, get off from Finsbury Park station and head to A1202 road. Continue moving south until you reach here.


Bibimbap Soho on Charlotte Street

Travel Guide UK - Bibimbap Soho is Located in The Center of London As Well As Charlotte Street

Bibimbap Soho is a modern Korean eatery in the center of London. This place focuses on Bibimbap dish, which is tasty, healthy, and affordable. It is suitable for those seeking a quick bite and some simple dish to have before exploring the city. Other than Soho, they operate from another branch on Charlotte Street.


Gogi With Many Great Korean Soups

Best Korean Restaurants in London - Gogi Means "Meat" in Korean And Located in Warwick Avenue

Gogi is a good place for Korean BBQ in London, as the name of this restaurant means “meat” in Korean. This place has a soothing interior design, and you can see the fans hanging from the ceiling to suck the smoke out of the tables. Moreover, Gogi offers great-tasting marinated meat and seafood, which you can choose from, as well as a wide range of vegetables. The nearest subway station to this restaurant is Warwick Avenue.


Tohbang Offers Classic Korean Cuisine

Travel Guide UK - Tohbang Offers Classic Korean Cuisine Near Farringdon Station

Tohbang is one of the best Korean restaurants in London if you want to have classic Korean Cuisine in a small and unpretentious place. Also, this eatery is very good for take always since they have a large menu of items that you can choose from and order to bring to your doorstep. Get to the Farringdon Station and head towards Clerkenwell Road at Number 164.


YORI at Piccadilly Circus and Wimbledon

YORI Operates From Wimbledon, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden - Guide to Korean BBQ in London

Founded by Jong Soon Kim, YORI restaurant is an extremely good location for trying Korean BBQ in London. This place operates from a few locations, such as Wimbledon, Piccadilly Circus, and Covent Garden, from which Piccadilly Circus is the most famous among them all. The positive aspect of this restaurant is that it is actually not expensive, and you can save up more money if you visit here as a group of 2 or 3 individuals.


Jinjuu Soho close to Piccadilly Circus Station

Jinjuu Soho is Famous For Making Unique Cocktails - Best Korean Restaurants in London

Jinjuu Soho is another one of the Korean restaurants in London that is located in the affluent area of the city center. The plating, interior design, as well as the service is just extraordinary here. Other than their famous Korean dishes, Jonjuu is famous for making unique cocktails from imported Korean spirits and liquors. Interestingly, prices at Jinjuu are very reasonable, and you can get there from Piccadilly Circus Station.


Kalbi Korean BBQ with Unique Hot Stone Bibimbap

Guide to Korean BBQ in London - Kalbi Korean BBQ Has Dark Wood Interior Design

Kalbi Korean BBQ is a modern restaurant with dark wood interior design and truly one best joint to get Korean BBQ in London. They operate from Rosebery Ave, which is actually very close to Tohbang restaurant too. They are famous for providing modern Korean-style table barbeque style as well as hot stone bibimbap. The thing to note is that they only operate in the evenings for dinner time.


Hozi Has Korean Dishes at Affordable Prices

Hozi is Good For Saving Some Money in Their Travel - Best Korean Restaurants in London

Hozi is the only one amongst Korean restaurants in London that is actually suitable for those who want to save some money on their travel. It is because the portions in this restaurant are really big and the prices are very reasonable. In fact, Hozi is a two-story restaurant, and there are many tables available inside that you can dine in without any issue. They offer great and easy-to-cook Korean dishes, which will save you some time not waiting for fancy table service.

If you are on a budget, check out the 5 cheap places to eat in London. They offer great value for the money, and you can fill up your stomach and save some money to enjoy the attractions of this city since transportation here can be costly.


Arirang Restaurant near Oxford Circus Underground Station

Guide to Korean BBQ in London - Arirang Restaurant is A Family Run Business

Arirang Restaurant is a family-run business specializing in making Korean BBQ in London for both locals and tourists. The menu here is quite extensive, and they have both cheap and expensive items here. Also, the flavors here are authentic, and you can get some good imported Korean wine and Soju here too. Overall, it is worth trying if you want to experience some Korean gourmet cooking in London. Arirang is a short distance away from The Photographers’ Gallery, which you can get from Oxford Circus Underground Station.


Best Korean BBQ in London

To get the most authentic Korean BBQ in London, you need to visit the Korean neighborhood in New Malden, which is located south of this city. This neighborhood not only has the best Korean restaurants in London, but also you get to shop for some South Korean spices and ingredients as well to cook some dishes at home too.

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