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Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires



Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires does not sleep and people here mostly don’t start their nights out until late. Further, this city some great bars and night life attractions for tourists. Here are the top 5 of those bars in Buenos Aires.



1. Festival

Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

From its industrial looking exterior to the interior designed with recycled iron blinds, this bar is unique. In summer time, the roof is removed, to let the party continue.


2. Señor Duncan

Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

For a remarkable experience, visit this Almagro bar, lcoated in an old mansion with stained glass and other unusual decor. You can always find interesting things here, like an open-mic night. Therefore, you need to come prepared to be surprised while in there.


3. BASA Basement Bar

Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

Happy hour here starts at 7 in the evening to get cheaper cocktail. Also you can on weekends for live DJs playing R&B as well as funk music. If you get hungry you can also order ribs as well as some falafel.


4. Victoria Brown

Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

This Place is a bakery at day time. However, pay attention for the rear door of this place, which opens to a street art of Queen Victoria leading to a classy and amazing bar.


5. Verne Club

Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

This classy cocktail bar is considerably young but already is one of the most famous bars in the city. Each cocktail is has a name after a Verne’s writing. Also, here is perfect for grabbing a drink at bar’s low lighting, cozy sofas as well as its jazz music playing in the background.

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