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Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires



Top 5 Bars in Buenos Aires

Best Bars in Buenos Aires

If you want to go to any pub Buenos Aires has to offer and drink some good quality cocktails, then you need to check out top bars in Buenos Aires for that. Buenos Aires does not sleep and people here mostly don’t start their nights out until late. Further, this city some great bars and night life attractions for tourists. Here are the top 5 of those bars in Buenos Aires.



1. Festival Bar a Good Spot for Dancing

Bars in Buenos Aires - Festival Bar is Unique in Summer Time When The Roof is Removed

From its industrial looking exterior to the interior designed with recycled iron blinds, Festival Bar is unique. In summer time, the roof is removed, to let the party continue. This Festival Bar is very famous pub Buenos Aires younger crowd would go and drinks here are most often cheapest in town. What makes Festival a great spot for night drinks is that the setting is nice, the prices are still average and the music is suitable for dancing. Also, if you are fan of tacos, and other light foods, here you can order some delicious ones. This bar is located along the Jose ignacio Gorriti street which intersects with Avenida Juan Bautista Justo.


2. Señor Duncan a Bar with Live Music

Argentina Travel Guide - Señor Duncan is Located in An Old Mansion With Nice Decor

For a remarkable experience, visit Señor Duncan, located in an old mansion with stained glass and other unusual decor. Truly Señor Duncan is one of best bars in Buenos Aires. You can always find interesting things here, like an open-mic night. Therefore, you need to come prepared to be surprised while in there. The location of Señor Duncan is on Rivadavia road on the corner of Colombres street.


3. Frank’s a Unique Bar with Proper Cocktails

Pub Buenos Aires - Franks Bar Buenos Aires Offers Good Quality Drinks And Cocktails

Frank’s is a nice pub Buenos Aires visitors can get good quality drinks and cocktails from. In fact, you can almost drink any types of sprits and beer you want here. Their prices are slightly higher than other bars, however, the ambiance here is truly amazing. This bar represent the dive bars in the NYC specially those in the older days, and as a result, you will really feel nostalgic here. Also, make sure to try the food here and they have some of the best burgers you can get in any bar. You will definitely enjoy going to Frank’s bar.


4. Bar Sur a Vintage Style Piano bar

Pub Buenos Aires - Bar Sur is A Tango House And Good For Casual Drinking And Dancing

Bar Sur Buenos Aires is where to go for having tango dance and enjoy chatting with artists and like minded people. In fact, Bar Sur Buenos Aires is one of the best bars in Buenos Aires for casual drinking and dancing. Opened in 1967, this magnificent bar has been a place where both famous and not well-known individuals came to share their ideas or just have a drink there.

Not for excessively drinking, Bar Sur is the place to go for those who appreciate the past and like to have a drink in a classy spot. If you want to visit one bar to have a memory of this great city, then the bar is definitely the place to go. This bar is not very big and there is live music most of the times, especially during weekends.


5. Verne Club in Unidad Latinoamericana Park

Argentina Travel Guide - Verne Club Has Jazz Music Playing in The Background

Verne Club classy cocktail bar is considerably young but already is one of the most famous bars in Buenos Aires. Each cocktail is has a name after a Verne’s writing. Also, here is perfect for grabbing a drink at bar’s low lighting, cozy sofas as well as its jazz music playing in the background. The location of this bar is in Unidad Latinoamericana accessible through Scalabrini Ortiz subway station.

If you are interested to explore this country more for its cultural heritage sites, then check out the top attractions in Argentina. These attractions show many sides of Argentina in terms of architecture and natural beauties of this country.

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