Top Restaurants in Sorrento

Top Restaurants in Sorrento

Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

Along with many tourist attractions, restaurants in Sorrento are also one of the reasons for the fame of this beautiful city, which serves the best Italian food in the region. The names of most of these restaurants appear in prestigious culinary magazines. The coastal city of Sorrento on the Bay of Naples has become a popular tourist destination since the boom of grand tours for the wealthy in the 19th century.

Today, Sorrento is still a destination for tourists who are looking for fun and entertainment along the Amalfi Coast. While having fun in this city, the flood of Sorrento tourists also visit nearby restaurants to experience authentic Italian and local cuisine.



Il Buco Famous for Test and Wine Pairing Menu

Il Buco is Famous for Test and Wine Pairing Menu of Mediterranean Cuisine

Il Buco is one of the restaurants in Sorrento, which is in the heart of the city, where you can sit outside just a few steps from the sea or go inside and sit in the basement of what was once an old monastery. Il Buco carefully prepares its raw ingredients from the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding villages and combines them with modern cooking methods in its kitchens. The restaurant has a test menu, a traditional menu, and a menu of single dishes, and guests can also choose the chef’s special dish.
The traditional menu includes dishes such as Candele pasta with Neapolitan ragout sauce and meat roll stuffed with escarole (a cabbage-like vegetable) and potatoes. The menu features buffalo carpaccio with golden roasted mozzarella cheese and steamed lobster with fried chestnuts.


Ristorante Museo Caruso near Basilica Sant’Antonino

Ristorante Museo Caruso is Located Near Basilica Sant'Antonino

Another important center in Sorrento for trying great food is the Museo Caruso restaurant. According to customers, this restaurant’s food is among the best in Italy. It has gained many loyal customers over the years.
Museo Caruso takes its name from the famous Italian opera singer from Naples, Enrico Caruso. The menu of this restaurant is traditional, but it is combined with modern methods, and the food decorations are also beautiful and up-to-date. The Mediterranean Sea and classic Neapolitan flavors and dishes have been the source of inspiration for this restaurant.


Ristorante Donna Sofia for Classic Italian Dishes

Ristorante Donna Sofia is Renowned for Classic Italian Dishes Near The Main Beach

Donna Sofia restaurant has an outdoor balcony for dinner in this restaurant. Guests can try a variety of classic Italian dishes on this balcony, such as ravioli with truffles, squid or calamari, and lemonade at the end. Doña Sofia is famous for its cozy atmosphere, 15 minutes away from Sorrento’s main and busy beach. Another advantage of Doña Sofia is that the restaurant sends a private car to your hotel door and brings you here for free.


Terrazza Bosquet in Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

Terrazza Bosquet Located in Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria - Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

Terrazza Bosquet is the restaurant of the famous Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria. Founded in 1834, this hotel is now more than 180 years old and is managed by the fifth generation of the Fiorentino family. Richard Wagner, Marilyn Monroe, and Sophia Loren have enjoyed staying at this hotel. Also, Terrazza belongs to restaurants in Sorrento with a Michel Star certification.
The hotel also has its own citrus garden, where the raw ingredients for many of the restaurant’s dishes are obtained. Among the delicious dishes of this restaurant monkfish rolls with Mediterranean vegetables, oysters with sweet tomatoes, lemon cake with basil-flavored cream, and lemonade can be seen.


L’Antica Trattoria for a Relaxing Lunch

L'Antica Trattoria is A Good Spot for Having a Relaxing Lunch on Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani Road

In the historic heart of Sorrento and a quiet and cozy environment, Antica Trattoria is the ideal place for a relaxing lunch or dinner after exploring the city. Meat dishes with Mediterranean vegetables and provolone sauce, shrimp with sardine sauce, and flavored potatoes, capers, and escarole are among the popular dishes of Antica Trattoria.


Bagni Delfino with View of Bay of Naples

Bagni Delfino Offers a Beautiful View of Bay of Naples And Great Seafood

You will find the Bagni Delfino restaurant along the beach in Marina Grande harbor. Where an old fishing village still exudes old-world charm. The restaurant is near the water, and guests can enjoy beautiful views of the Bay of Naples and the city in the distance while dining.
This family restaurant was opened in 1968, and now, according to many foreign travelers, it is one of the best seaside restaurants in Sorrento. Baini Delfino is even better than Michelin-star restaurants for its view and relaxing environment.


Don Geppi Part of Majestic Palace Hotel

Top Restaurants in Sorrento - Don Geppi Part of Majestic Palace Hotel

Don Geppi is part of the Majestic Palace Hotel in San Angelo, north of Sorrento. The hotel is located on Marion Crawford Street. In fact, Don Geppi is another one of the restaurants in Sorrento with a Michelin star and has been able to get many positive reviews from its customers; Therefore, Don Jeppi can be called the ideal place to have dinner while staying in Sorrento.
The menu of this restaurant includes dishes such as red shrimp, marine plankton, and citrus sauce, amberjack fish with corn mayonnaise, risotto with muscle and potatoes, and fried octopus with escarole and lemon.


Boutique Hotel Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890

Boutique Hotel Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890 Located Near Santa Maria delle Grazie

Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant is located in the small village of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi in the south of Sorrento. As one of the handful of restaurants in Sorrento with 2 Michelin stars, customers can expect excellent food, drinks, and most definitely amazing service. The philosophy behind Don Alfonso’s cuisine is combining the best products and cooking methods in the Campania region with culinary innovations. This restaurant has its own farm located in the Sorrentine Peninsula. The raw ingredients used in Don Alfonso, such as extra virgin olive oil, are produced on this farm.

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