The Budget Guide for Hong Kong

The Budget Guide Hong Kong - cheap travel guide for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Guide

According to research, Hong Kong is one of the most populous cities in the world, and you can explore the budget guide for Hong Kong travel in this article. This is a city made up of three different islands and, of course, many attractions. The very old streets, the ancient and historic buildings, the very tall glass skyscrapers, the traditional food, and so much work in this city to do and the place to see a lot have made Hong Kong one of the best tourist destinations in the world. And, of course, if you love food, you should know that Hong Kong is a food lover’s paradise.


Food Expenditures

The Budget Guide for Hong Kong - Cheap Food Guide in Hong Kong

One of the major Hong Kong travel experiences is to know what to eat during your stay here. Although, in general, Hong Kong can be considered an expensive city compared to other Asian cities, the price of food in it is not high at all, and you can have cheap and delicious food choices in this city. For example, a delicious bowl of noodles or the famous and delicious dumplings would cost you somewhere about $50 HKD for one meal. That is why it is good to try the street food vendors or see where most office workers dine. These are places you can reduce food expenditures.


Street Food Vendors and Stalls

One way to save money when traveling, especially to destinations such as Hong Kong, is to eat street food and dine at local restaurants instead of expensive restaurants. When Hong Kong travelers, be sure to try “Dim Sum.” Cheap restaurants are found all over the city, and you can find food stalls in markets such as the Kowloon City Market and Cooked Food Center and enjoy a tasty, local low-cost meal on your budget trip to Hong Kong.


Transportation Costs and Public Transport

The Budget Guide for Hong Kong - Cost-Effective Public Transportation

One of the best and most cost-effective ways for a Hong Kong travel guide is to use public transportation. At the very least, you’ll need $65 HKD a day in Hong Kong to travel. If you buy a single metro ticket, depending on the distance, it will cost between $7 to $23 HKD. If you go by boat from Hong Kong to Kowloon, it will be approximately $2 HKD. The subway is another good way to get around the city and has a cheap ticket, but if you want to go somewhere at night, it’s best to use a taxi; unlike other tourist cities, Hong Kong taxis are not expensive at all.


Attractions and Sights in The City

The Budget Guide for Hong Kong - Attractions Like Museum of Art And Temples

Hong Kong has museums where you can see a collection of works of art and culture for free. Take a closer look at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, a valuable Chinese art collection from centuries ago. There are many beautiful temples and churches in Hong Kong attractions that you can visit during your trip at no cost. Lantau Island, the Tian Tan Buddha, and Wong Tai Sin are some of the places you can visit. In addition, there are beautiful and relaxing gardens that are a great place to walk.


Cheap Accommodation and Places to Stay

Asia Travel Tips - Cheap Accommodation Are Located Near Tourist Areas

The major cost during your trip here is the accommodation cost because of the scarcity of land and cheap hotels in comparison to other cities in Asia. Most of the city’s hotels are located near tourist areas such as Central and Wan Chai. Of course, accommodation near the city center is more expensive. Staying in hotels a short distance from the city center and at a better price will save you money and make a cheap trip to Hong Kong. Also, staying in the city’s neighborhoods will cost less than in the commercial and tourist sectors.

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