Top Helsinki Tourist Attractions

Top Helsinki Tourist Attractions

Famous Helsinki Tourist Attractions

Many beautifully picturesque Helsinki tourist attractions are easy to visit because Most of the city of Helsinki is on a granite peninsula on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland facing the Baltic Sea. This peninsula has many small and large islands far from the coast and a small bay. Although Helsinki is considered to be almost a flat city, there are also scattered hills in the midst of which you can watch amazing views of the sea. One of the interesting ways to explore this city is walking or cycling because there are various places to hire bicycles or just grab a public service.



Market Square or Kauppatori

Dree Helsinki Tourist Attractions - Market Square or Kauppatori for Buying Cheap Food

The market square (Kauppatori) is the main Helsinki tourist attraction, a cobbled square in the center of Helsinki. This area is one of the most famous open-air markets in Northern Europe and is held from spring to autumn. Between, you can find many stalls selling Finnish food, flowers, and souvenirs for tourists. A number of street cafes can be seen in between. Visitors should be careful with their food. The market seagulls are big and bold and will steal the food of the unwary. In October, the famous herring fish market is held in Kauppatori.



Art Museum- Ateneum Gallery

Art Museum- Ateneum Gallery Belongs as part of Finnish Art Academy

Next, we take a look at more elaborate Helsinki tourist attractions, which are known as The National Art Museum of Finland, also the Ateneum, which is also the home of the Finnish Art Academy. Designed by Theodor Höijer and completed in 1887, this building houses Finnish and historical works of art as well as contemporary art. In the sculpture hall, you will see the works of prominent Finnish artists. Also, in front of the entrance, you will see a bronze statue of “Albert Edelfelt” by “Walgren.” Be sure to check the museum’s website before your visit, as the museum is free to visit on several days of the year.


National Museum of Finland

National Museum of Finland - Famous Helsinki Tourist Attractions

The National Museum of Finland building is one of the most beautiful Helsinki tourist attractions. It has an extensive and good collection of Finnish culture. Inside, there are various sections that document the development of Finland from the Middle Ages to the time of Swedish rule, the Russian Empire, and the modern era. Moreover, the entrance hall is decorated with a magnificent ceiling painting inspired by the national legend of Finland. These paintings were created by Galen Kalela, the most famous artist in the country. Opposite the National Museum, you can find the Municipal Museum.


Hietaniemi Beach and Region

Hietaniemi Beach and Region for Playing Games and Family Hangout

On the beach south and east of the main railway station is the 1952 Olympic Rowing Stadium, which offers kayak and boat rentals, and the beautiful sandy beach of Hietaniemi. In addition to this area, there are several open fields that are used for sports, numerous restaurants, and a public sauna. After this area, you can see a wonderful cemetery that houses the country’s heroes.


Linanmaki Amusement Park next to Helsinki Hall of Culture

Linanmaki Amusement Park is Located next to Helsinki Hall of Culture

East of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, after the railway line, you can see the Linnanmäki amusement park with its water tower, giant Ferris wheel, and winding train track. The amusement park reopened in 1950 and has constantly expanded its rides, shows, shops, and restaurants through renovations. The prices and arrival times are different during the year and change a lot, so it is better to visit the official website of Linanmaki before going there and have the latest information.


Central Park near Käpylä Station

Central Park is Found near Käpylä Station and Stretches All The Way to Paloheinä

One of the main natural Helsinki tourist attractions is Central Park (Keskuspuisto), a very large park in the middle of the city. The area of this park is around 10 square kilometers, starting from the Olympic Stadium and continuing towards Paloheinä forest. This park is more of a virgin forest than a manicured garden. Here you will find many bike and hiking trails. The closest train stop would be Käpylä.

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