Best Beaches in Phi Phi Islands

Best Beaches in Phi Phi Islands

A List of Beaches in Phi Phi Islands

Beaches in Phi Phi islands are considered the most important and most beautiful coastlines in Thailand. There are limestone mountains with rocks, caves, and long white sandy beaches here. Although often referred to as an island, the island of Phi Phi is actually a small archipelago. The island of Phi Phi is the largest of these groups and is, of course, the only island with permanent residents, while the smaller island, known as the Ko Phi Phi Lee, is known as the location for the movie “The Beach” in 2000 starring Leonardo DiCaprio. In this article, we take a look at the best beaches in Phi Phi Islands for you to consider.

Much of the development of Ko Phi Phi Don is around the village of Tonsai, which lies at the bottom of the sand cliffs which join two hillsides that encompass the rest of the island. There are also quieter resorts on the islands off the coast. There are virtually no motorized vehicles on the island; therefore, movement is done by foot or by bicycle. In Tonsai, many places are within ten minutes of walking distance. Boats travel between all the beaches all the time.


Tonsai Bay near Ko Phi Phi

Best Beaches in Phi Phi Islands - Tonsai Bay is The Main Entrance And Exit Center of Ko Phi Phi

Tonsai Bay is the main entrance and exit center of Ko Phi Phi. You can see ships come and go, anchored yachts, and passenger and cargo boats moving around the bay all the time. Tonsai village, the main village of Phi Phi Don, is located here.


Phak Nam Bay a Small Fishing Village

Phak Nam Bay is Located on The East Coast of Phi Phi Don - Best Beaches in Phi Phi Islands

Phak Nam Bay is located on the east coast of Phi Phi Don. It is a secluded bay with a small beach that is home to a small fishing village. You might reach this place on foot, but it’s a long walk across the rough hills. Getting on a boat is much easier and more practical. The beach is just a resort, and here is the best option for those looking for peace.


Laem Tong beach A Secluded Location

Best Beaches in Phi Phi Islands - Laem Tong Beach is Located at The Northern End of Phi Phi Don

Laem Tong Beach is located at the northern end of Phi Phi Don and is one of the most beautiful, quiet, secluded beaches in Phi Phi that can be reached by boat. It takes about 45 minutes to reach here from Tonsai village by boat. There are only four luxurious resorts on Laem Tong Beach. Not far from this beach are Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, and Hin Klang Island, all of which are great diving spots.


Monkey Beach (Ao Ling) North of Loh Dalum Bay

Ao Ling or Monkey beach is Located in the Northwest of Loh Dalum Bay - Best Beaches in Phi Phi Islands

Ao Ling, or Monkey Beach, is located northwest of Loh Dalum Bay, home to a monkey colony that does not hesitate to climb on visitors’ feet to grab a banana. There is not much beach left at very high tide, but there is plenty of sand to roam at other times. You can reach this beach by foot or by renting a boat from Loh Dalam.


Long Beach near The Tonsai Village

Best Beaches in Phi Phi Islands - Long Beach is located Southwest of Phi Phi Leh

You can find Long Beach in the Southwest and with beautiful views of Phi Phi Leh. It is about five minutes by boat from Tonsai village. It is also possible to reach the village by foot in the daylight, but the journey involves walking on cliffs between beaches or on short trails in the woods. Moreover, accommodation here consists almost entirely of bungalows, some of them luxury resorts, and many typical bungalows are available.


Bamboo Island North of Phi Phi Don Island

Bamboo Island is Located Very Close to Tonsai Bay - Travel Guide Thailand

Bamboo Island, or Ko Pai, is a small, flat island about 2 kilometers north of Phi Phi Don Island. It is about 45 minutes to 1 hour from the beach of Tonsai Bay, depending on the sea conditions. To the north and east of the island, there are beautiful sandy beaches and a small shop offering drinks and snacks.


Loh Dalum Bay With Beautiful Limestone Cliffs

Travel Guide Thailand - Loh Dalum Bay Can Get Very Crowded And Has Limestone Cliffs

Loh Dalum Bay is on the other side of the island of Phi Phi Don, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phi Phi, even though it can be very crowded. The bay is almost completely enclosed by limestone cliffs and has clear emerald water and a white sandy beach. On the beach, at night, there are spectacular firework displays lasting till the early hours of the morning.


Maya Bay a Good Place for Divers

Maya Bay Appeared in Many Movie Scenes And is Favorite Places For Divers - Travel Guide Thailand

Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phi Phi. This bay has wonderful marine life and is a favorite place for divers. Maya Bay became famous worldwide after the movie “Beach” was filmed here in 2000. In fact, today, many Ko Phi Phi tourists come here just to see this beach. Although the bay is beautiful, it is not secluded. There are more than 30 high-speed boats and yachts on the beach daily at any given time, with large boats carrying hundreds of divers and visitors. Also, try to visit early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds.

Besides the availability of several beautiful beaches in Phi Phi Island, Thailand, as a whole, is one of the best southeast Asian countries for tourism that offers a lot of nice natural hotspots to its visitors. Therefore, make sure to travel to other locations that are not very famous and see different cultures and experience more diverse cuisines.

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