Best Food Markets & Street Food in Oslo

Best Food Markets & Street Food in Oslo

Top Street Food in Oslo

In recent years, street food in Oslo has rapidly become a haven for food lovers. Here, you can expect to find food choices like noodles & sandwiches influenced by the different food cultures in eateries all over the neighborhoods of Oslo.

From Vietnamese sandwiches and Mexican burritos to traditional Nordic sandwiches and grilled American cheese sandwiches, you can experience the most delicious food offerings on the streets of  Oslo or in their markets.


Good Mood Streetfood at Aker Brygge

Good Mood is Available At Aker Brygge & SALT - Norway Food Guide

Food trucks are a big part of what you can get as street food in Oslo. One of these food trucks is Good Mood Streetfood. This truck is basically a simple restaurant on wheels. You can get Homemade burgers, stews, baked potatoes, wraps, and some unique sandwiches. You will find one of their trucks at Aker Brygge, one at SALT, and one that stops at different locations. The easiest way to get here is using tram number 12 and stopping at Aker brygge station. There is also a bike-sharing station if you want to grab a bike and explore the surrounding area.


Maschmanns Matmarked for Sandwiches

Maschmanns Matmarked is All About Exclusivity and Quality - Norway Food Guide

Maschmann’s Food Market is packed with foods of all kinds and evokes a feeling of abundance and enjoyment of food. Not only do they have large counters of fresh fish, meat, and ready meals, but also all kinds of delicacies and specialty items from both Norway and other countries.

The focus of Maschmann’s Food Market is variety, exclusivity, and quality. Also, they possess a complete knowledge of the products they offer. The price level is slightly higher, but if you like fresh and hand-picked produce, Maschmann’s is the place for you. For those who want some cheap food in Oslo, then you can find great food here. In fact, there are Bakery and pizza shops integrated with the food market, and it is good to know they are of high quality.


Takoyaki Norge in Rådhusplassen & Spikersuppa Neighborhoods

Norway Food Guide - Takoyaki Norge Cen be Found on Rådhusplassen and in Spikersuppa Neighborhoods

Takoyaki is what you see on the streets, and it is part of Asian street food in Oslo. This dish is a wheat-based ball filled with squid. Although the food truck is named after this Japanese dish, they also serve other dishes from Japan at very reasonable prices. You can often find this food truck in Rådhusplassen and in Spikersuppa neighborhoods.


Mathallen Oslo in District Vulkan

Mathallen Oslo is Found in the Center of the Capital - Norway Food Guide

Mathallen Oslo is a ready-made food market located in an old industrial hall in the art and culture-oriented district Vulkan by Akerselva in the center of the capital. This market is actually a center for Norwegian food culture which is also close to the popular Nedre Foss Park, where young people hang out. It is also where you can get traditional Norwegian goods such as fresh quality fish, fruits, beer, sausages, and cured meats.

However, Mathallen is much more than that. Competent people from all over the world sell ready-made food from other countries and continents. It is impossible not to find something that tempts you here, and the local chefs also show you how to get the most out of the ingredients.


Oslo Street Food near Youngstorget

Oslo Street Food is Located in the Old Torggata Bath - Best Food Markets & Street Food in Oslo

Oslo Street Food is a collection of 16 food stalls under one roof in the old Torggata bath in the area near Youngstorget in the center of the capital. This district has an ever-increasing selection and variety of street food in Oslo. This is where you can get cheap gourmet food from all continents of top quality in a larger size. If you are a vegan or love Asian food, then you are in luck in this neighborhood.

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