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Best Souvenirs from Turkey



Best Souvenirs from Turkey

Top Souvenirs from Turkey

Turkey is a paradise for buying gifts; generally, souvenirs from Turkey are of high quality and relatively cheaper when compared to other European countries. Besides, because of their past, Turkey offers more oriental souvenirs as well as more modern ones, making it a great place to stop by and shop for relatives and loved ones. If you are in Istanbul, the best place to go is the Grand Bazaar, where most of these Turkish gifts are available at various prices.


Lokum and Baklava Sweets

 Must Buy Souvenirs from Turkey - Lokum and Baklava from Sweet Shops in Fatih and İstiklal

One of the most delicious souvenirs you can buy in Turkey is delicious Turkish sweets and baklava. These sweets are undoubtedly the best candidates for souvenirs from Turkey, especially for friends, colleagues and family members. You can buy baklava and Turkish Lokum in pastry shops all around the country and in Istanbul. These delicious desserts come in various shapes with different fillings and come in multiple shapes. The Lokum sweet has different flavors and different nuts and fruits are used in it. If you are in Istanbul and want to buy these traditional sweets, you need to head to Istanbul Grand Bazaar.


Turkish Coffee and Cezve Pots

Turkish Coffee and Cezve Pots Made of Copper and Very Useful - Cheap Souvenirs from Turkey

Turkish people pride themselves on having one of the world-famous coffee drinks in the world. Similar to that of Greek coffee, Turkish coffee is quite strong, and you need to have some sweets with it. This powdery coffee blend is readily available across Turkey, but Grand Bazar of Istanbul is the place to have the cheapest Turkish coffee in large quantities. Cezve pot is used to make Turkish coffee and it is one of the most useful Turkish gifts you can buy in the country. These pots come in various materials like brass and copper; you can easily find them in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, too.


Traditional Turkish Carpets and Nakkas Rugs

Traditional Turkish Carpets and Nakkas Rugs are Readily Found in Istanbul Fatih and Grand Bazaar

Nakkas, or traditional handmade Turkish rugs, are among the best souvenirs from Turkey as they are beautifully crafted and come in small sizes that are easier to carry back home. There are various carpet and rug sellers in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul but you need to search around and ask different prices since there is no set pricing for these crafts. The cost varies from $400 upwards depending on the details, material used and the size of the rugs.


Pieces of Jewelry and Precious Stones

Turkish Gifts for Females - Pieces of Jewelry and Precious Stones from Grand Bazaar

Even though the gold prices are the same worldwide, the skill of the goldsmiths and the labor costs make Turkey an optimum spot to buy Turkish gifts like jewelry for your loved ones or female friends. The good thing about purchasing jewelry in Turkey is that there are various prices and different precious stones from the Arab world and neighboring countries all in one place. The Grand Bazaar is also a good spot clothes shopping in Istanbul as the vendors offer clothes with great material that will suit your jewelry too.

Therefore, you can choose the combination you want and let them make them to your specifications very quickly. Again, if you are in Istanbul, head to the jewelry section of the Garand Bazaar and this is where most tourists shop. Just make sure that you look thoroughly and negotiate prices respectfully.


Turkish Leather Bags and Clothing

Turkish Leather Bags and Clothing are Good Turkish Gifts for Female Friends

Turkey is one of the best producers of genuine leather goods. Various shops in Fatih and Beyoğlu sell high-quality bags, jackets, belts and exciting leather products at reasonable prices. Just ask for vegetable-tanned leather if you want to have the highest quality leather souvenirs from Turkey.


Turkish Ceramics and Pots

Turkish Ceramics and Pots - Kitchenware Souvenirs from Istanbul Grand Bazaar

One of the most elegant and significant souvenirs from Turkey is ceramic dishware. It is a component of Turkish culture as well. Mosques around this nation are decorated with vibrant tiles and pottery created by Turkish craftsmen. To get eye-catching and vibrant porcelain dishes from this nation, visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. During your trip to Turkey, make sure to purchase these lovely ceramic utensils from this country if you want your kitchenware to be vibrant and eye-catching.

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