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Top 5 Bars in Hobart



Top 5 Bars in Hobart

Cool Bars in Hobart

There are many bars and pubs in Hobart offering some good draft beers. This article introduces tourists to some of the top 5 bars in Hobart providing amazing view of the port or amazing vibes. Hobart’s culture is changing very rapidly. Therefore, many new opportunities and young people are appearing all over the city. A s a result of this the drinking scene is changing as well and new bars are popping up in the city. Here you can take a look at some of the finest bars that you can spend an evening inside here in Hobart.



Hobart Brewing Co. behind Victoria Dock Bridge

Pubs in Hobart - Hobart Brewing Co. Offer Craft Beers And Brewery Tours

Hobart Brewing Co. is one of the good pubs in Hobart if you want a pint of beer when in this city. This brewery offers many choices of the local Tasmanian brews that you can never drink elsewhere. They also have brewery tours if you really want to know more about craft beers.


Tavern 42 Degrees South (T42º) on Elizabeth Street Pier

Top 5 Bars in Hobart - Tavern 42 Degrees South (T42º) Has A Fantastic View of The Port

This bar is one of top bars in Hobart with a fantastic view of the port. This unique bar is the perfect place for afternoon cocktails overlooking the water nearby. It’s a cosmopolitan bar that also serves fantastic Australian and international dishes. Also, you will see a nightclub as well as a wine inside this place.


Republic Bar & Cafe in North Hobart

Pubs in Hobart - Republic Bar & Cafe is Friendly And Inviting With Nice Live Music

Republic Bar & Cafe is just like you local hub and one of original pubs in Hobart. This place is friendly and inviting and that is why it is popular with locals. The environment here gives you a warm feeling inside and the live music brings a smile on your face. The live music here is happening almost every night and also there is a BBQ place at the back of the pub.


The Brunswick Hotel on Liverpool Street

Australia Travel Tips - The Brunswick Hotel is Located in The Center of Town

The Brunswick Hotel bar is the second oldest bars in Hobart and in Australia, and this is also another favorite place that locals visit a lot. Th best time to grab a drink here is at mid-week or the afternoon on the weekend. You can easily find this bar in the center of town that comes with cheap hotel accommodation too.


IXL Long Bar Best Spot for Cocktails

Australia Travel Tips - IXL Long Bar is The Perfect Place to Get Very Creative Cocktails

IXL Long Bar is probably the perfect place to get very creative cocktails. The bar here is suitably stylish, and houses award winning mixologists as their bartender. therefore expect the drinks to be out of this world.

After visiting bars in Hobart, you should check out 10 most unique bottle shops in Sydney. In fact, Sydney as a big cosmopolitan has a lot of nice places to drink and get your drinks from when you are on a specific budget.


Best Pubs in Hobart

Similar to many good bars, many of the popular pubs in Hobart are located south of Hobart very close to the port and Constitution Dock in particular.


Irish Murphy’s near The Salamanca Market

Irish Murphy's is An Irish pub Located Near The Salamanca Market

Irish Murphy’s is located near the Salamanca Market on the south side of the city and it is one of the most popular Irish pubs in Hobart which caters to all those who like traditional wooden décor. As an Irish pub, you can expect great hospitality and no nonsense environment there all with great quality foods and cheap on the tap beer.


Horseshoe Inn with Vintage Décor

Horseshoe Inn Opened in 1807 And Comes with Vintage Décor

One can appreciate the historical architecture of Horseshoe Inn, which is also one of the oldest running pubs in Hobart and even in Australia which opened its doors in 1807. The interior design is quite elaborate and there are rooms here that seem stuck in time with old style paintings and taxidermy mounts for those who want to escape the modernity.

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