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Top 6 Attractions in Mexico City



Top 6 Attractions in Mexico City

Top 6 Attractions in Mexico City

Mexico tourist attractions are some of the most unique ones in the America. This article explores top 6 attractions in Mexico City. This city is a place you don’t want to miss. Whether you want to stay for a short while or long term, you won’t be bored. There are many activities that all ages can do in Mexico City. Just always have extra caution when roaming around and specially at nights.



1. Palacio de Bellas Artes

Mexico Tourist Attractions - Palacio de Bellas Artes Offers A Unique Collection of Murals

Palacio de Bellas Artes is one the iconic places with orange color top in the city. You will see this building on the cover of any travel guide as well. This building is famous for its unique collection of murals, as well as Tiffany glass curtain.


2. Coyoacán

Adventure Travel Tip - Coyoacán is A barrio and Where to Find The Café El Jarocho

You should at least leave you schedule empty for a day of visit at the southern neighbourhood of Coyoacán. If you like art in as well as bustling plazas then this artistic barrio is a must visit. Also, try the fantastic coffee of Café El Jarocho while here.


3. Mercado de la Merced

Mexico Tourist Attractions - Mercado de la Merced is For Buying Small Souvenirs And Fruits And Vegetable

Mercado de la Merced is a must visit if you like to shop for fresh ingredients and some small souvenirs. Here, you’ll find a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables, as well as many food stalls. Be sure to be aware of your surroundings as getting lost is easy.


4. Pirámides de Teotihuacán

Attractions in Mexico - Pirámides de Teotihuacán Are Famous Archaeological Architecture

The most famous attraction in Mexico City is  located outside of the city. However, Pirámides de Teotihuacán ruins are some of the most impressive archaeological architectures you have to make a visit to.


5. Basílica de Guadalupe

Mexico Tourist Attractions - Basílica de Guadalupe is the Holiest Catholic Destinations

Basílica de Guadalupe is the holiest catholic destinations and it is also the 3rd most visited religious site worldwide. Moreover, this building’s history relates to Virgen de Guadalupe appeared to Cuauhtlatoatzin in the 16th century.


6. Cineteca Nacional

America Travel Tips - Cineteca Nacional is One of The Best Architectures in The City

Cineteca Nacional is one of the best architectures in the city. It consists of white outer shells that hide many history of the Mexican cinema scene. Also, here you can also watch some indie films displayed on some screens.

While this city has many historical attractions, the food is just something from out of this world. You should definitely check out 7 best food in Mexico City that offer great flavor and cost very little as well. Also, you can normally get them from food stalls on the street and they are readily available throughout the city.

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