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7 Best Food in Mexico City

7 Best Food in Mexico City

Top 7 Food in Mexico City for Travelers

Food in Mexico is some of the best you can get. These dishes are cheap and very delicious. Here are some 7 best food in Mexico City that will fill you up to explore the entire city. Mexico is a famous place for food with fantastic flavor mixtures. As the capital of Mexico, Mexico City offers some of the top dishes you need to try on your next trip. Make sure to try all these foods on your trip.


Tamales a Wrapped Meal of Slow Cooked Chicken or Pork

Top 7 Food in Mexico City for Travelers - Tamales Are Wrapped in Corn or Banana Leaves

Tamales are some of the best food in Mexico. They are from corn-based dough, and people cook them slowly with herbs as well as chicken, chilies, or cheese. Also, they come with many other tasty ingredients. Moreover, people wrap Tamales in corn or banana leaves. You can get one of them from a street vendor easily here.


Quesadillas a Tortilla Packed with Cheese and Meat

7 Best Food in Mexico City - Quesadillas is Famous in Other South American Countries

Quesadillas are the most famous food in Mexico as well as other South American countries. When you get a quesadilla somewhere else in the country, you always get cheese with this dish. However, here, you need to tell them that you want the queso in your quesadilla; you will have one without the cheese.


Tacos with Corn Tortillas and Pork

South American Travel - Tacos al Pastor is The Perfect Variation for This Dish

Taco is the most famous Mexican food in Mexico as well as in the United States. There are many types of taco; however, the true taco comes with corn tortillas, onion, and coriander. Tacos al pastor is the perfect variation for this famous dish.


Tortas de Tamales for Breakfast Meal

South American Travel - Tortas de Tamales is Good For Tourists on Low Budget

Torta de tamal is unique to Mexico city. It is also known as Guajolota among the locals. Also, the torta de tamal is a true Mexican experience that people consider best for an on-the-go breakfast. This sandwich is quite filling and good for tourists on a low budget. This delicious sandwich can be found all over the city in small shops or on the roadside.


Mole Traditional Sauce

Mole Sauce Goes on Rice And Chicken With Sesame Seeds on Top

This is a classic food in Mexico. However, since there are 7 different varieties of mole, there’ll surely be a flavor to suit you. The most favorite flavor is the chili-chocolate mole, which comes with rice and chicken with sesame seeds on top. Also another good mole option is the yellow version, which has only spice in it.


Camotes Sugary and Sweet Potatoes

Camotes Comes With Hot Condensed Milk And Strawberry Jam - Top 7 Food in Mexico City for Travelers

Trying camote is something no tourist to Mexico City should forget. Vendor’s carts with camotes are all over the city. Also, this sweet potato dish comes with hot condensed milk and strawberry jam. This sweet is one of Mexico’s oldest street food traditions that you should really try. Also, this sweet treat is very cheap as well and widely available throughout the city.


Pambazos from Veracruz Region

Pambazos Bread Comes With Guajillo Chili Sauce originating From Veracruz

Mexico City’s twist on torta is the pambazo. The bread is what makes it special. This bread is put in a guajillo chili sauce before being dried, which makes it really spicy. However, the filling is just as tasty as this food in Mexico. It comes with chorizo, potatoes, crema, and queso, which make a filling sandwich that will keep you going for the day. Just be aware that this dish can be very spicy, so make sure to order on your level of tolerance.

After eating all these delicious foods, you should consider visiting top tourist attractions of Mexico. These historical attractions have a lot to offer. They illustrate the cultural and architectural capabilities of this side of the world very well.

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