Best Kobe Attractions

Best Kobe Attractions

Most Famous Kobe Attractions

Kobe is one of the most prominent cities in Japan, and Kobe attractions are also some of the prettiest in the country. The city of Kobe used to be an essential port where merchants from all over the Western world traveled to and even settled there. As a result, this city has a strong shipbuilding industry, which is still present to this day. Most of the Kobe attractions are easily accessible by the local train system and are either free or cost very little to enter.


Meriken Park in Hyōgo Prefecture

 Meriken Park in Hyōgo Prefecture with Be Kobe Logo and Beautiful Port View with Kobe Port Tower Nearby

As part of Port of Kobe, inside the Hyōgo prefecture, this space was designed to commemorate survivors of the tragedy of the Great Hanshin earthquake. Over the years, this place has welcomed new buildings such as the Kobe Maritime Museum and Kobe Port Tower. The Meriken Park is one of those Kobe tourist attractions that is more special at night as the lighting makes this park come to life. Also, during the day, you can enjoy ships sailing away in the clear waters of the Seto Inland Sea. There is also a parking space available here if you want to arrive here in your personal vehicle.


The Kitanocho District with European Architecture

Kitanocho District Known for its European Architecture - Best Kobe Attractions

The Kobe neighborhood of “Kitano-cho” is one of the most unique Kobe attractions you can visit. This district represents the European part of Kobe as, in the 19th Century, it was where foreign merchants stayed. This region is home to German, Dutch and American architecture with some Japanese undertones. This neighborhood now has a European feel because of the historic houses that were constructed in a Western-style with traditional street lighting and flowery grounds. The most famous houses to observe are Moegi and Weathercock mansion houses. The closest stations to Kitanocho District are the Sannomiya and Shin-Kobe stations.


Motomachidori Shopping Area

Motomachidori Shopping Area is the Place to Shop for Cheap Street Food and Clothes in Kobe

Motomachidori is where many of the famous Kobe tourist attractions are located. This area is between the famous Chinatown (Nankinmachi) and the old merchant settlement of Kyu-Kyoryuchi and is full of department stores and boutiques. There are a lot of snack shops selling budget-friendly Japanese goods here. Overall, this is a great spot to visit both during the day and at night.


Kobe Ōji Zoo in Nada Ward

Kobe Ōji Zoo in Nada Ward to See pandas and Koalas - Beautiful Kobe Attractions

Located in the Nada Ward, The Kobe Ooji Zoo is one of the Kobe attractions to go to if you love to see animals brought from many parts of the world. Famous for inhabiting Chinese pandas and koalas, This zoo has a lot more to offer and travelers can see animals like Pink flamingos, bears, monkeys, elephants and hippos. In fact, there are over 140 species of animals present in Kobe Ōji Zoo. There are various eateries and souvenir shops available on the premises of the zoo. Travelers can access Kobe Ōji Zoo from Ojikoen Station via the Hankyu train line. The Kobe Ōji Zoo tickets are priced at 600 yen for adults and free for children.


Mount Maya and Nunobiki Gardens

Famous Kobe Tourist Attractions - Mount Maya with Beautiful Herb Gardens and Nunobiki Ropeway to get there

One of the Kobe tourist attractions you should take advantage of is the views of Mount Maya at night. The beauty and mystery of this unique and fascinating setting go hand in hand. The panoramic view of Mount Maya is genuinely admirable. On the left is Osaka, while on the right is the entirety of Kobe. When the city lights come on at night, a charming and intimate setting for lovers is revealed. You can take a cable car or a ropeway to the mountain’s summit.

You can take the Nunobiki Ropeway to the mountain’s summit. The Nunobiki Ropeway is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This view is more prominent during the daytime. It is preferable to start your tour at the Nunobiki Botanical Gardens, from which you will ascend to Maya Peak after a two-hour trek. The Maya trek is challenging and requires some climbing, but the picturesque view at the finish is worth it.


Ikuta Jinja Shinto Shrine in Chūō Ward

Ikuta Jinja Shinto Shrine is Located in Chūō Ward and is One of the Oldest Shrines in Japan

One of the religious Kobe attractions in the Chūō Ward is the Ikuta Jinja Shinto Shrine. This shrine is one of the oldest sacred sites in Japan. This shrine was built to venerate the Shinto goddess of Wakahirume-no-Mikoto. Sannomiya Station is the closest station you can exit to arrive at this shrine.

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