Larnaca Beaches Guide For Tourists

Larnaca Beaches Guide For Tourists

Best of Larnaca Beaches

Larnaca is one of the most touristic cities in Cyprus. It is a destination with attractive and stunning Larnaca Beaches that attracts many tourists. The location of this city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea has created a heavenly and good climate for it, which makes tourists experience a pleasant stay in this city.


Mackenzie Beach near Larnaca Airport

Larnaca Beaches Guide For Tourists - Mackenzie Beach is Located 5 km From Larnaca Airport

Mackenzie Beach is located 5 km from Larnaca Airport and is one of the most famous Larnaca beaches. It has good access and is one of the best places to stay in Larnaca due to its many amenities. By going to Mackenzie Beach, apart from being able to rent a sunbed, you can also swim at its shore and have a good time. On Mackenzie beach, you can also experience and enjoy scuba diving.


Finikoudes famous with European Tourists

Larnaca Beaches Guide For Tourists - Finikoudes is Especially Suitable For European Tourists

Finikoudes is one of the most famous and best beaches in Larnaca among tourists, especially European tourists. Because it has special facilities and has provided a cozy and clean atmosphere for its visitors. There are palm trees here which have given it a beautiful look. This Finikoudes beach is also one of the best beaches in Cyprus for family travel and leisure. Because it has good facilities such various water sports to entertain families as well as children.


Galu beach a Good Venue for Weddings

Travel Guide Cyprus - Galu Beach Belongs to A Resort And it is A Place For Weddings

Galu Beach is one of those Larnaca beaches that are not for everyone. In fact, this shore belongs to a resort that solely uses this place for weddings. Therefore, if you want to have your wedding here, then Galu beach is a suitable place for you.


Faros Beach a Popular Place with Tourists

Larnaca Beaches Guide For Tourists - Faros Beach Offers A Lot of Beach Activities

Faros Beach is a very popular place among Larnaca tourists. Because it is a completely touristy beach you can see many tourists coming here on different days of the year. A beach where you can have a lot of beach activities and fun. Also, you can sunbathe under the warm sun and watch the gentle waves of the clear sea water here. When traveling to Larnaca beaches, you will probably hear the name of this place a lot, and this will make you curious to visit it at least once.


CTO Beach With Lots of Room for Beach Activities

Pyla Beach, located in the Pyla area offers a complete day out for the whole family, thanks to a range of facilities and amenities in the surrounding area. Set in an expanse of greenery, the sand is fine and gray and the waters calm and shallow, making the beach popular with everyone, including families with small children. Facilities on the beach include toilets, showers, changing rooms, beach beds, umbrellas, a children’s playground, beach volleyball and beach tennis courts, and water sports.

Along the road behind this beach, there is also a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, kiosks, grocery stores, and accommodations. Access is easy by foot, bike, bus, or car, with parking available. This is one of Larnaca beaches that provides facilities for people with disabilities.


Kastella Beach with a Tropical Feel

The 600-meter-long Kastella beach, located next to the Psarolimano fishing shelter, has fine sand of various shades of brown and beige, calm, shallow waters, and touches of greenery. Beach facilities and services include toilets, showers, changing rooms, sunbeds, double luxury sunbeds, umbrellas, and bars available while the setting will give you a tropical island feel. Also, the beach area is surrounded by many traditional fish taverns, famous for their fresh fish, straight from the nets of the local fishermen located in the adjacent fishing reserve.

In addition, there are restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, and kiosks in the surrounding area. Therefore, Kastella Beach attracts both families and young people. Access to the beach is easy and safe by foot, bike, bus, or car, with a bus stop a few meters away along the road and a parallel bike path. Also, many facilities help individuals with disabilities to have a great time too.

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