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Top Cheese Shops in Wisconsin



Top Cheese Shops in Wisconsin

Top Cheese Shops in Wisconsin

Wisconsin cheese shops are available all over the this state. Therefore, when visiting here it is worth checking out some of the cheese shops in Wisconsin. Since cheese is one of main produces in Wisconsin, there are many factories produce a myriad type of chesses and the main one is yellow cheddar. This state has a lot of cows and as a result produces a lot of dairy products that come with very unique flavors.


West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe

Top Cheese Shops in Wisconsin - West Allis Cheese & Sausage Shoppe is Found in West Allis

West Allis Cheese shop operates from two locations of West Allis as well as Milwaukee Public Market. The owners, Mark & Linda Lutz, started this cheese cafe in 2005. They sell many types of cheese here such as infamous brands such as Hook’s and Deer Creek. In their shop, the main focus is on local cheddar cheese, however, you can still find Gouda and  Blue cheese as well as spicy sausages and a nice selection of pickles and sauces.


Mars Cheese Castle

USA Travel Tips - Mars Cheese Castle Resembles A Castle Offering Classic Grilled Cheese

The structure of this building resembles a castle hence the name. The place is huge and there is a restaurant here offering delicious cheesy dishes such as Classic Grilled Cheese as well as Rueben and Traditional BLT. Other than a large selection of local cheddar cheese you can see a bakery section having a few types of delicious bread and pie types. Moreover, there is a souvenir shop here selling shirts representing the Mars Cheese Castle shop.


Ehlenbach’s Cheese Chalet Inc

Wisconsin Cheese Shops - Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet Inc Provides Handmade Fudge Candies

Ehlenbach’s Cheese Chalet Inc is another one of Wisconsin cheese shops that has a large offerings of cheese types as well as sausages, beef jerkies and gourmet dishes. This is a family owned business that is selling cheese to both locals and travelers since 1968. If you like handmade fudge candies, then this place is really good location to visit.


Simon’s Specialty Cheese Store

Wisconsin Cheese Shops - Simon's Specialty Cheese Store Have Over 100 Types of Locally Made Cheese

Simon’s Specialty Cheese Store has a long history of making cheese to local shoppers. Originally, Simon’s family started making cheese from an existing cheese factory and later they opened a humble shop to sell it to individuals directly as well. They have over 100 types of locally made cheese here that includes Mozzarella, cheddar, Feta as well as Provolone and their famous squeaky cheese curds that are actually very fresh. Like other cheese stores in Wisconsin, they have  a section for sausages, wine, beer as well as handmade candies and fudges. You can find them at 2735 Freedom Rd in Appleton area where the original store still stands.


Cedar Valley Cheese Store

USA Travel Tips - Cedar Valley Cheese Store is Serving Quality Cheese to Locals

Cedar Valley Cheese Store is another one of old Wisconsin cheese shops that is serving quality cheese to locals since 1947. The place sells more than 300 different cheese and their most famous one is Factory Fresh String Cheese that comes directly from the factory next door. Also, they sell a good selection of red wines and spicy sausages here. You can visit Cedar Valley Cheese Store every day of the week expect major holidays at W3115 Jay Rd in Belgium area.


Wisconsin Cheese Mart

Top Cheese Shops in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Cheese Mart is Located on Old World Third St in Milwaukee Area

Since 1938, Wisconsin Cheese Mart has been serving serving locally produced cheese to customers at their store on Old World Third St in Milwaukee area. Their sole focus is on proving quality cheese, which is over 150 types, and send them to other states in the United States. Also, they offer a good range of sausage and salami as well as candied fruits and cookies here. You can dine in their Brüdd Cafe and enjoy delicious cheesy products here.

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