Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Bucharest

Best Cafes And Coffee Shops in Bucharest

Best Cafes in Bucharest

Romania has many interesting and spectacular cafes. In this article, we take a look at the best cafes in Bucharest for tourists and visitors. The atmosphere of some cafes is very welcoming and intimate, and some feel very luxurious. All these cafes are worth visiting, especially those set up after dark and live music.


M60 near Bucharest Metropolitan Library

Best Cafes And Coffee Shops in Bucharest - M60 is Located in Strada Piața Amzei And Famous For Their Avocado Toast

This coffee shop is located on a quiet street near the famous “Strada Piața Amzei.” This area houses some of the best coffee shops and cafes in Bucharest. The M60 is very famous for its avocado toast, delicious carrot cake, and its minimalist designs. Plus, the great coffees they serve create the same sense of relaxation and fun you desire in big and bustling cities.


Beans&Dots for Specialty Coffee

Best Cafes And Coffee Shops in Bucharest - Beans&Dots is Famous For Their Coffees And Tarts

Beans & Dots is the best place to freshen up in the morning or start your day doing your online business. Here, you can try a variety of delicious coffees and tarts. Moreover, you can chat with a creative crowd from Bucharest and enjoy your time. Be sure to visit the terrace of this café, regardless of the weather.


The Urbanist at The Corner of Parcul Unirii

Best Cafes And Coffee Shops in Bucharest - The Urbanist Has A Lovely Terrace Facing The Street

When visiting the old center of Bucharest, be sure to check out The Urbanist coffee shop. This café is located in an interesting combination next to a denim and sportswear store and has an interesting atmosphere. From the sunset and its calmness, it gives way to an electronic dance scene. Furthermore, this popular café has a lovely terrace facing the street.


Energiea near by Origo Café

Best Cafes And Coffee Shops in Bucharest - Energiea Offers Relaxing Atmosphere And Delicious Smoothies

Energiea is located in an old printing house known for its fresh and delicious food, great smoothies, and its ever-relaxing atmosphere. Thin ribs and potato dishes with magic flavors are really memorable. Over the years, the industrial décor of vintage and terrace has clearly made this café one of the best cafes in Bucharest.


Twenty Eight close to Cișmigiu Gardens Park

Top Cafes in Bucharest- Twenty Eight A Popular Spot With The Artistic Community

Twenty Eight has a social entrepreneurial structure in terms of modern design inspired by the Middle East and has a major following in the artistic community. With excellent coffee, more than 50 special teas, and desserts, making it one of the top cafes in Bucharest. This café, located close to Cișmigiu Gardens, has everything to attract the attention of city-wide design enthusiasts who also support social movements.


Origo near Macca – Vilacrosse Passage

Best Cafes And Coffee Shops in Bucharest - Origo is One of The Best Cafes With Skilled Baristas

Origo is one of the main competitors for the title of best cafes in Bucharest near Macca – Vilacrosse Passage on Strada Lipscani Street. In Origo, you can always have a cup of coffee. They come with a combination of the finest coffee beans prepared by skilled baristas and special coffee roasters in this coffee shop. In the evenings, the coffee shop serves a variety of drinks at once, and large crowds flock to it.


Frudisiac in Piata Dorobanti Area

Travel Guide Romania - Frudisiac Offers Coffee, Pancakes As Well As Vegan And Vegetarian Dishes

Frudisiac serves healthy and delicious food that includes vegan and vegetarian dishes, incredible smoothies as well as delicious homemade pancakes. In warmer months, you can read and enjoy a collection of excellent magazines on the street-facing terrace.


J’ai Bistrot near Bucharest National University of Arts

Top Cafes in Bucharest - J’ai Bistrot Has A good Sitting Spot In An Amazing Environment

J’ai Bistrot is a café that is famous throughout the city. Although the food is great, people get together for another reason. It attracts people for its sense of comfort and relaxation, plus live music by local DJs. This café is located in one of the least-known tourist neighborhoods of Bucharest. However, its old villas and houses attract architecture lovers.


Grand Café Van Gogh in Old Town Center

Travel Guide Romania - Grand Café Van Gogh Has A Dutch Vibe And is Located in A Beautiful Historical Building

Grand Café Van Gogh is one of the first cafes in Bucharest to be established after changing the old center of this great city. This location has turned into a party hangout, gaining more customers. This café is in a beautiful historical building and gives a Dutch feeling to the main artery of this neighborhood.


Acuarela near Ștefan cel Mare Station

Travel Guide Romania - Acuarela Has Warm And Comfortable Environment

The atmosphere of Acuarela is warm, comfortable, and very colorful. Also, its burgers are very popular with the younger generation. If you visit this café in summer, a rainbow of umbrellas hangs in the sky above the garden. Therefore, they will welcome you, and in winter, you can enjoy the warmth of a large clay stove. The location of Acuarela is on Strada Polonă Street, accessible via Ștefan cel Mare station.

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