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Top Cafes in Bursa



Top Cafes in Bursa

Top Cafes in Bursa

If you want to get some good Turkish coffee in a Bursa cafe then you should check out the top cafes in Bursa for this reason. The good weather here makes outdoor dining a good experience. Bursa contains a lot of UNESCO World Heritage sites because of its pas as a Ottoman Empire capital. However, it’s a modern city with selection of great cafes.



Baycan Bey’in Meşhur Kahvesi

Top Cafes in Bursa - Baycan Bey’in Meşhur Kahvesi is Located in A Beautiful Neighborhood of Fidan Han

Baycan Bey’in Meşhur Kahvesi is one top cafes in Bursa for coffee lovers. It is located in a beautiful square neighborhood that has a beautify green setting. You can seat here and enjoy your coffee and tea with some Turkish desserts. The beautiful scenery makes this place ever more welcoming and soothing. This neighborhood is famous as “Fidan Han”.


Fayton Kafe

Bursa Cafe - Fayton Kafe is Located Inside The Tofaş Museum of Cars in A Beautiful Garden

Fayton Kafe is another of top cafes in Bursa for those want to enjoy natural beauty of this city. This bar is located inside the Tofaş Museum of Cars and Anatolian Carriages. Also, this cafe makes full use of its beautiful garden where you can drink coffee under the beautiful tees. Moreover, in winter time, the fireplace is a good place to get cozy with a hot beverage.


İnkaya Tarihi Çınaraltı Çay Bahçesi

Turkey Food Guide - İnkaya Tarihi Çınaraltı Çay Bahçesi is in Inkaya Neighborhood

This sycamore tree in this Bursa cafe is very old and is one of Bursa’s famous spots. In fact, getting a cup of coffee under this tree is a a great experience. You will find this tea house in Inkaya neighborhood.


Koza Han

Bursa Cafe - Koza Han is A Beautiful Marketplace With Nice Surroundings

Koza Han is a beautiful marketplace that you can find a Bursa cafe and seat down enjoying the beautiful surroundings. This area is always joyful and lively. Also, you can sit at one of the many cafes and drink some Turkish coffee while enjoying this great monument.



Turkey Food Guide - Özgen is Suitable For Smoking Hookah and Playing Backgammon

Özgen Bursa cafe is a real classic with the Bursa locals who like to come here to drink coffee or tea as well as smoking hookah and play backgammon. Moreover, with quite the modern interior, this cafe has a great garden with a fountain to enjoy in hot days.

You can also eat in one of 5 best restaurants in Bursa. These restaurants offer great Turkish food as well as international cuisines with reasonable prices. Also, they are located in accessible locations which makes them suitable for tourists and travelers.

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