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Top 5 Hotels in Beijing



Top 5 Hotels in Beijing

Top 5 Hotels in Beijing

Traveling in any big city can be a nuisance and finding the right place of stay can be hard. Here are top 5 hotels in Beijing that offer a luxurious experience for any business traveler to this city. Beijing is a bustling city which has a lot to offer and that includes the luxury hotels you can visit here. From luxury apartments to classy boutique rooms, you can treat yourself to a costly stay at these high-end hotels in China’s capital.



1. Hotel Éclat Beijing

Travel Guide China - Hotel Éclat is Popular With Business Travelers And Located on Dong Da Qiao Lu Road

This 5 star boutique hotel is popular with business travelers as well as couples for its gym and business center. Also, you can dine in its many restaurants, enjoy sunny terrace and garden, and sop in its indoor mall. You can reach this hotel on Dong Da Qiao Lu road. This is one of those Beijing Hotels that has a modern architecture and its unlike any hotels you have ever seen.


2. Rosewood Beijing

Top 5 Hotels in Beijing - Rosewood Beijing Has 6 Dining Options And A Nightclub

Rosewood has many hotels & resorts around the world, however its only Chinese hotel is really unique. This hotel is an masterpiece that merges modern design with traditional Chinese characteristics. This hotel has over 200 luxury apartments, a pool as well as a lush garden. Also, Rosewood Beijing has 6 dining options and a nightclub.


3. Grand Hyatt Beijing

Beijing Hotels - Grand Hyatt Beijing is Close to Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square

Grand Hyatt Beijing is a five star hotel located in the heart of the city, enjoys an ideal location. The Grand Hyatt Beijing Hotel is a short distance from the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Also, it is part of East Plaza, one of China’s largest commercial complexes, with direct access to a nearby shopping mall. Wangfujing Street, next to the hotel, serves as the preferred shopping mall for traditional silk shops, tea houses as well as department stores.


4. InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun

Top 5 Hotels in Beijing - InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun is Located Near The South Sanlitun Road

The InterContinental brand represents quality amongst many hotels in Beijing. Furthermore, you will see its unique design in their rooms, indoor pool, gym and its many 5 star bars & restaurants. You can find this hotel in a prime location near the South Sanlitun Road.


5. Four Seasons Beijing

Travel Guide China - Four Seasons Has A Tranquil Tea Garden And A Pool

Four Seasons Beijing is one of really nice hotels in Beijing. This 5 star hotel offers all the luxuries you expect from the Four Seasons brand with 313 rooms, 3 bars, 3 high end restaurants as well as a fully equipped gym. Also, this hotel is all about relaxation where you can find a tranquil tea garden, a pool and even a lounge with 400 butterflies seats to relax.

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