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Top Coffee Shops in San Diego



Top Coffee Shops in San Diego

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

Here we guide coffee lovers to take a look at the top coffee shops in San Diego, California. To get the best coffee in San Diego You need to visit the areas like downtown, La Messa Blvd or even Mission Hills neighborhood. In fact, the coffee culture and cafes are very prevalent here, making it part of the culture here.


Pink Rose Cafe Opposite La Mesa Village Plaza

Pink Rose Cafe is Located on La Messa Blvd - Top Coffee Shops in San Diego

Perhaps the most beautiful of the coffee shops in San Diego is the Pink Rose Cafe. As the name implies, the entire interior of this café is painted by color of pink and tables have lots of dried pink roses imbedded inside them with a glass cover on top. Furthermore, the concept of this beautiful café came from Nadia Zamora and has become a good place to try amazing coffee and taking pictures.

Also, it is suitable for couples’ Valentine dates. They are quite famous for their latte drinks, pastries& cakes as well as their avocado toasts. You can find Rose Pink Cafe on La Messa Blvd, right opposite La Mesa Village Plaza. The “Orange Line” light rail has a stop here called “La Mesa Blvd Station’.


Storymakers Coffee Roasters on National Avenue

Storymakers Coffee Roasters is A Small & Colorful Drive-Through Coffee Shop - Top Coffee Shops in San Diego

Storymakers Coffee Roasters is a small, yet colorful drive-through coffee shop located on National Avenue. This tiny café sells some of the best coffee in San Diego. What sets them apart is the friendliness of immense and their immense knowledge on what type of coffee is most suitable for customers. In fact, you can ask them about brewing techniques or origin of their coffee and they are more than happy to answer such questions.

Also, they sell whole bean coffee bags which are brought from various parts of Mexico and Ethiopia. These beans are freshly roasted before they are sent for delivery. The City College bus number 12 has a stop here.


The Invigatorium Concept Coffee Shop

The Invigatorium is Also Known As Dinosaur Café - Best Coffee in San Diego

The Invigatorium is one of handful of concept coffee shops in San Diego that because of its interior design is also known as the Dinosaur café. This is a quirky spot where you can grab some nice coffee, a few alcoholic beverages and some desserts like waffles, cinnamon rolls & toasts. Their prices are reasonable too and there is even an outdoor sitting area available as well. This café is located on 9th Avenue and use can use bus numbers 3, 12, 901 and 921 and get off at “10th Av & Market St” station, then walk your way to the Ninth Avenue.



Better Buzz Coffee on Hillcrest

Better Buzz Coffee Uses fresh And Organic Ingredients - Travel Guide USA

Better Buzz Coffee has a few locations throughout the prominent areas of the city like Hillcrest (Flagship Store), Fashion Valley and Mira Mesa Boulevard. The flagship store is the most beautiful one out of the coffee shops in San Diego and definitely worth a visit. Both drinks and food are fresh and out of organic ingredients. They sell hand crafted ice or hot coffee, tea latte, smoothies, sandwiches and toasts.  Also, their Buzz (ice blended coffee) and Bowls (mixture of fresh fruits honey or yogurt) offerings are quite popular with the locals.


Kettle & Stone in Mission Hills Neighborhood

Travel Guide USA - Kettle & Stone is Found in The Nice Neighborhood of Mission Hills

Located in the Old Town San Diego, in the nice neighborhood of Mission Hills, you will come across Kettle & Stone café. It is one of the best coffee shops in San Diego for those who want to experience Zen-like calmness inside or seat outside and enjoy the magnificence of this neighborhood.

The staff here are always friendly and prices are reasonable, having the location in mind. Their espresso and chai lattes are definitely a must try here. Take West Lewis street and after entering Randolph street, continue all the way until you get to Pioneer Park from this café. This park is a great place to hang out and there are music festivals at times here.


Seahorse Coffee in East Village

Best Coffee in San Diego - Seahorse Coffee is Part of Quartyard Urban Park With An Ocean View

Seahorse Coffee is part of Quartyard urban park with an ocean view, in East Village, in Downtown San Diego. Similar to other coffee shops in San Diego, the Seahorse Coffee is made out of repurposed shipping containers and part of a vibrant outdoor community. Also, the prices here are very reasonable, perhaps bordering cheap.

One amazing thing about here is that they have specialized drinks with funky names like “Big in Japan” or “Snickle Pick”. These drinks are a mixture of multiple ingredients mixed with coffee. The customer care here is fantastic and there are multiple seats for you to sit down and enjoy your drink or snacks there.

You can either take bus numbers 3 or 5 to get here or stop at “Park & Market Trolley Station” using light rail and walk towards 13th street from Market street.


Santos Coffee House near Balboa Park

Santos Coffee House is Located at North park Area Near Balboa Park - Best Coffee in San Diego

Santos Coffee House is a small and cozy place with some of the best coffee in San Diego made entirely from freshly in-house roasted beans. There is even an outdoor are with area with with colorfully painted walls surrounding it. This is a perfect place for those who are seeking for a laid-back and chill café where they can be stress-free when they bring the pets along.

In fact, they even give free treats for pets here. Make sure to try different coffee blends here since there are over 10 of them available on the display. The location of Santos Coffee House is at North park area on Thorn St between 32nd & Herman streets. it is 10 minutes away by walking from Balboa Park.


Best Coffee in San Diego

Some of the best coffee in San Diego are found in unexpected places especially near the university campuses or in un assuming parks. Make sure to pay closer attention while travelling throughout the city for smaller sized coffee shops in San Diego.


California Bean a Small Drive-Thru Café

California Bean is Where Local Crowd Gather And Has Darker Roast Coffee - Travel Guide USA

California Bean has some of the best coffee in San Diego if you prefer a much darker roasts coffee flavor. This is a place where you see local crowd gather to receive stellar coffee and genuinely awesome coffee. You will be surprised that such a small drive-through coffee shop sell such top quality beverages and snacks. They have a small selection of drinks, however everything tastes great and is prepared with much care. They are located in the old town San Diego on San Diego Avenue. The only way of reaching them seems to be by a private vehicle.


Liquid Bean Cafe in The Heart of Del Mar

Top Coffee Shops in San Diego - Liquid Bean Cafe is Found in Tradewinds Village Business Center

Found in the heart of Del Mar San Diego, is a happy place an another one of good coffee shops in San Diego called Liquid Bean Cafe. In order to reach here you need to find your way to Tradewinds Village business center which is surrounded by beautiful greenery. To cover all tastes, they serve coffee, tea, non-caffeinated beverages, smoothies and even Acai bowls. Also, whatever they use here to make the food or drinks is organic and always fresh.


Spill the Beans Coffee and Bagels in Downtown San Diego

Spill the Beans Coffee and Bagels is Located At The Corner of Sixth Avenue - Best Coffee in San Diego

Spill the Beans Coffee and Bagels is located in downtown san Diego. It is where you can some of the best coffee in San Diego with lots of smiles and positive energies. They are very famous for their variations of bagels that comes with either egg or their house-made cream cheeses inside. They are very good to have with your coffee in the morning.

It has a very cool outdoor atmosphere attracting mostly younger crowd. The café is one of handful of coffee shops in San Diego which is very close to The Invigatorium. Therefore, similarly you can get the bus number 3, then get off at Market St & 6th Av bus stop. You will then see Spill the Beans Coffee and Bagels at the corner of Sixth Avenue.

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