What is on your mind when you want to experience a romantic day? All your programs can be done as best as possible in one of these romantic tourism destinations in the world.

A Journey to a romantic place is a proposal that no one can reject. In this article we introduce you the most romantic places you can visit with your loved one.

Maybe a forest house on the river is a little out of reach. However, we have 5 suggestions (slightly expensive) that can make you a true lover in front of your loved one.


Goleta, CA.

Before the Kimpton Hotel Group bought eight miles west of Santa Barbara and turned it into jewel of the area, Godland was a motel for backpackers.

Calling itself the “calm California”, the hotel is able to accommodate itself as part of the luxury surfing culture after much trouble.

The Good Café, for example, is decorated with various skate boards and the Outpost Restaurant serves delicious seafood.

The rooms are equipped with a gramophone, so you can listen to your favorite song or borrow a Marvin Gaye Phonograph record from the lobby library featuring a collection of old music.

Caravan Outpost

Romantic and romantic places in the world

A new type of boutique hotel: The hotel’s beds and furnishings are all set in different Airstream trailers, all parked around a central camp.

The Air Streams are modern trailers with a sleek interior with a private rest area next to each other. This space is surrounded by palm trees and invites you to relax on a beach chair.

Each of these trailers has its own name and different dimensions, from the 19-foot Lala to the giant Diego, a 30-foot trailer with a queen-size bed and a TV. All of these trailers have baths, showers, kitchens, air conditioning, heating and an old Bluetooth player. There is also a shop selling old and new merchandise, which is also found when you sit by the camp and listen to music playing in the open air.


The Marker San Fransisco
San Fransisco

Marker is two blocks from the upscale Beaux Arts building in Union Square.

Marker strays from the suffocating atmosphere of old San Francisco and leans towards colorful, bright decorative art. You can enjoy going to your room through the colorful corridor walls, amidst the jewel-like pillows and the bathroom with its glossy wall-paper designs.

This hotel is close to the theater district and great restaurants. Eat at Tratto’s restaurant and bar and experience Italian home-made dining in a luxurious setting, or order a cocktail on the yellow Moorish chairs next to a large heater.


Monterey Tides

Romantic tourism destinations

Monterey is right along the cozy sea. Lying on a bed with an ocean-view room, just gaze at the turquoise blue sea and other part of Monterey in the distance.

Decoration is Mexican-style with colorful walls and carpets. If you’re not brave enough to swim in the ocean, you can use the hot water pool. Or you can rent a bike and take a tour of Monterey and visit Monterey’s aquarium.

For a truly adventurous journey, you can rent a kayak and sail among the lions and sea otters. The hotel restaurant serves seafood from the ocean on your table.


Siete Lunas
Sayulita, Mexico

Situated on the hillside overlooking the city of surfers, Sayulita will provide you with a place in Siete Lunas. Sayulita is a city that you can reach the north coast of Puerto Vallarta after an hour’s drive northwest of the Pacific (in Mexico).

The hotel is made up of seven Mexican-style rooftops, each surrounded by greenery, but all with a beautiful ocean view and a slightly lower, private beach. Above the hill, there is a pool and a common resting place, from which the “Playa de los Muertos” and the beach of Sayulita are seen in the distance.

Alongside the hotel rest, there is plenty to do. In addition to surfing, there is also a standing surfboard for rent. You can play golf near Punta Mita, go diving or fishing with diving suits, take a dance and yoga class in the city, buy beautiful Huichol Indian jewelry, or befriend local people and travelers stroll around the city bars.


Farm at Kidnappers
Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Farm at Kidnappers is located on the northern island of New Zealand and on the east coast of Hawke’s Bay. This part of the beautiful beachfront drawer is ideal for catching salmon, Maori culture and industrial cooking.

The farm, consisting of 22 suites and a large 4-bedroom hut for the tenants, occupies an area of ​​about 6000 acres of coastline and has a cattle and sheep-keeping area. It is also one of the best golf championships in New Zealand.

The appearance of the buildings is similar to farmhouses and inside, antique farm equipment along with wood, leather and rosewood are intended for decoration.

In addition to golf, horseback riding, field hunting, hiking and fishing are available. But perhaps the busiest part of your stay at this hotel is catching the Kiwi bird in the wild. The farm has been trying to bring the kiwi back to the area by creating rivets and temporary livestock.

Moreover, if you want to visit a more relaxed environment you can check out famous spas around the world for your honeymoon trip.