Best Attractions in Palau

Best Attractions in Palau

Most Beautiful Attractions in Palau

Tourists visiting the Oceania continent should also take a look at the best attractions in Palau. This volcanic archipelago is covered by emerald forests. Diving is the number one activity here. Also, amazing roads, diverse marine life, and stunning scenery open the feet of many tourists, especially eco-tourism. These archipelagos have a tropical climate, and the average temperature there is 28 °C; however, it can rain all year round.


Blue Corner located South-East of Koror

Best Attractions in Palau - Blue Corner is The Most Magical Diving Spot

The Blue Corner is one of the most magical diving spots in Palau. It is known for its amazing abundance of underwater life and coral reefs. Divers are amazed at the incredible variety of fish, including barracuda, jackfish, Napoleon fish, and sharks. There are strong tidal currents in this area. A sort of hook is essential for the safety of divers from these tides.


Kayangel Island With Unspoiled Reefs & Beaches

Kayangel Island is located at The north Part of Palau With Unspoiled Reefs & Beaches

It can be said that the sanctuary in Palau and one of the most amazing attractions in Palau is right here. Kayangel offers you beautiful beaches with white sand and sea views that you have only seen in your dreams. Kayangel Atoll is an area sitting in shallow waters. You can fully enjoy the ocean and natural beauty around you on this island. Start your day with fishing. Go snorkeling or diving, and then spend the rest of your day sunbathing until the sun is in the sky. If you are lucky, you can see some wild dolphins playing in its waters. It takes a two-hour boat ride from Koror to reach this island.


Belau National Museum in Koror

One of the attractions in Palau that should not be missed is the National Museum. In this museum, you will find various exhibits about the history and culture of Palau. This museum consists of two internal and external parts, and in the external part, you will see traditional Palau products such as taro, several war artifacts related to World War II, and much more. You can find art from the people of Palau and lots of information about settlers and traders throughout history inside it. Visiting this museum is a must for people who are interested in the history of the island. It is interesting to know that this museum was built in 1955 and is the oldest museum in Micronesia.


Badrulchau Stone Monoliths At Northernmost of Babeldaob

Best Attractions in Palau - Badrulchau Stone Monoliths Placed Here By The Gods

These rocks are located in an ancient place in the northernmost part of Babeldaob. A place where large basalt rocks are perched on a hill. The origin and purpose of this was unknown. But legend has it that the gods placed them there to protect the “meeting house” that held thousands of individuals. Some rocks weigh up to five tons. This area is a perfect place for a picnic with an amazing view of the sea.


Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk Island

Best Attractions in Palau - Jellyfish Lake Is The Most Prominent Place in The Country

This place is one of the most prominent attractions in Palau. This sea-enclosed lake is located in the south of the archipelago, on Eil Malk island, and is full of millions of clear and safe jellyfish that follow the path of the sun. The jellyfish is a species of mermaid that emits light. Swimming and diving among these beautiful creatures is like discovering a new planet.


Ngardmau Waterfall in Babeldaob

Travel Tips Oceania - Ngardmau Waterfall Originated From Highest Peak of The County

Another top attraction of Babeldaob is Ngardmau Falls. This waterfall originates from the highest peak of Palau, with a height of 217 meters. This waterfall is the tallest in Micronesia. It can also be accessed on foot. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to walk on a difficult but beautiful forest path to reach it.


Koror The Country’s Commercial Center

Travel Tips Oceania - Koror is The Commercial And Economic Center of The Country

Koror is Palau’s commercial and economic center. The city is home to two-thirds of the country’s population and many tourist facilities. The city has large restaurants, unique shops, small museums, a strange mix of historical monuments and modern buildings, and busy streets. Most importantly, Koror is the best place to visit the neighboring islands.

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