Most tourist want to do shopping in Istanbul as a mean to get good quality products for cheaper price. For that, you should visit Shopping malls in Istanbul since they regularly have discounts for branded merchandise. Shopping malls can be considered a new concept in Turkey as it dates back only to the late 1980s. However, when shops and shopping malls opened in Turkey they were well received.



Shopping in Istanbul - Akmerkez is Located in Beşiktaş And is Close to Public Transport

Akmerkez is one of the most modern shopping malls in Istanbul. You can visit Akmerkez in Etileri area in Beşiktaş. This neighborhood is one of the most popular and favorite areas of Istanbul. This 4-storey shopping center has more than 250 stores selling various goods. The good thing about Akmerkez is that it is close to public transport route.


Istinye Park

Shopping in Istanbul - Istinye Park is Suitable For Brand Shopping And Features Glass Roofed Areas

Istinye Park is suitable for those who want to do brand shopping in ta. The location of this shopping mall is close to Sarıyer area. This shopping center occupies about 242000 square meters of space and features glass roofed areas such as Central Green Park and Fashion Area. Also, it offers children’s entertainment center, sports and leisure center, moreover, you can visit one of its 12 cinemas, which includes a 3D theater as well.



Shopping in Istanbul - Kanyon is Located in The Levent Business District

Tourists can find Kanyon in the Levent business district. this 4-storey shopping mall is one of best designed shopping malls in Istanbul. In fact, it has 160 different Turkish and world-class stores ready for your shopping experience. You can find restaurants, cafés and a sports and cinema club in this shopping center.


City’s Nişantaşı

Shopping in Istanbul - City's Nişantaşı is Located in Nişantaşı Which is Part of the Şişli Area

If you are looking for a good experience of shopping in Istanbul you should head to the City’s Shopping Center in Nişantaşı which is part of the Şişli area. City’s Nişantaşı mall blends well with the historical context of the area.



Turkey Travel Tips - Nişantaşı is A Business District in The Taksim Area With Beautiful Shops

Nisantasi is not a shopping mall but a business district in the Taksim area. This neighborhood is famous for its professional stores and retailers. This place has a lot of beautiful shops. This is a upper middleclass area with beautiful and luxurious restaurants and cafés available all around it.

When you are in this shopping area, you can try to have some of the best desserts Istanbul has to offer if you are not for heavy mall meals. These desserts are unique to this country and it is a shame if you leave the country without trying them at least once.


Bağdat Avenue

Turkey Travel Tips - Bağdat Avenue is Located in Bağdat Caddesi With Great Restaurants

In the Asian part of the city, there is Bağdat Street, where the beauty shop Bağdat Caddesi is located. Apart from the charm of the shops in this area, Bağdat Street is excellent for shopping in Istanbul and restaurants here serve great local and international cuisine.


Forum İstanbul

Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul - Forum İstanbul Has Sports Centers, Restaurants And Bars

Forum İstanbul is probably one of the most famous shopping malls in Istanbul. Almost 8000 square meters of the mall is occupied by the first giant aquarium in Turkey and its first ice museum. Furthermore, the rest of the space is shared among shops, sports centers, restaurants, bars and movie theaters.


Galleria Shopping Mall

Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul - Galleria Shopping Mall is Close to The Airport

If you need to do a quick purchase, you can take a taxi and reach the mall from the airport. Galleria Shopping Mall does not offer a versatile goods for shopping in Istanbul, however, it is a good place for a family to make a visit. Moreover, this shopping center is built by the sea and covers an area of ​​about 77000 square meters. It has shops, restaurants, movie theaters and a place for ice skating.



Turkey Travel Tips - Metrocity Has 4-Story And is Located in The Center of Levent

This 4-storey mall has 140 stores located in the center of Levent. Metrocity offers great clothing stores as well as jewelry that come with great prices too. This mall is massive and can take you hours to explore all parts of it.


Zorlu Center

Best Shopping Malls in Istanbul - Zorlu Center Has A Great Outdoor Garden

Zorlu is the newest one of shopping malls in Istanbul. The center is built on 105000 square meters area and its main part consist of great outdoor garden that you can rest in. You can find great restaurants and bars there as well.