Shopping malls can be considered a new concept in Turkey as it dates back only to the late 1980s. However, when shops and shopping malls emerged in Turkey they were well received. You can now find superb shopping malls in Istanbul. In this article, we are going to introduce the top 10 best shopping malls in Istanbul.


1. Akmerkez

Akmerkez Shopping Center is located in Etileri. This shopping center is in the neighborhood of Beşiktaş and is one of the most popular and favorite areas of Istanbul. This shopping center is also located near the Levent and Maslak business district. This 4-storey shopping center with more than 250 stores covers an area of ​​180000 square meters. Tourists and visitors can reach this area easily because of the excellent transport services nearby. The center started operating on December 1993 and is open from 10am to 10pm.

In 1995, it was recognized as the best shopping mall in Europe. It was also recognized as the best shopping mall in the world in 1996 and won the International Design and Development Award. Akmerkez Shopping Mall is a unique shopping and business center because you will not find any shopping mall in the world that has such titles. In 2010, it won the European Commercial Property Award for its beautiful and unique interior design.


2. Istinye Park

Located near the Sarıyer area, this shopping mall has given new dimension to the concept of a shopping mall in Istanbul.

This shopping center occupies about 242000 square meters of space and features glass roofed areas such as Central Green Park, Fashion Area, 1500m2 children’s entertainment center, sports and leisure center, marketplace (inspired by Of Turkish historical architecture) and 12 cinemas, one of which is a three-dimensional theater.

The complex has three shopping centers for trash and oil waste collection. Wheelchairs, a locker for valuables, a free baby carriage and an instant tax refund are just some of the services offered at the center.


3. Kanyon

Located in the Levent business district, this 4-storey shopping mall occupies approximately 37500 square meters of space and has 160 different Turkish and world-class stores. You can find restaurants, cafés and a sports and cinema club in this shopping center. The Kanyon Shopping Center won the Architectural Award in Year 2006.


4. City’s Nişantaşı

If you are looking for a good buy you should head to the City’s Shopping Center in Nişantaşı which is part of the Şişli area. City’s Nişantaşı mall blends well with the historical context of the area.


  1. Nişantaşı:

Nisantasi is not a shopping mall but a business district located in the Taksim area, renowned for its professional stores and retailers. In the middle of the 19th century, Sultan Abdul Majid I began construction of the center. Today, Nişantaşı has the third largest community of expats in Istanbul.

This place has beautiful shops. The locals of the area are educated, dignified and well-mannered. Abdi İpekçi Street is the most expensive and classiest street in Turkey, based on the monthly rental price. Next to the shopping center, Nişantaşı has a well-known art and culture in Turkey. Its restaurants and cafés are also beautiful and luxurious.

when you are in this shopping area, you can try have some of the best desserts Istanbul has to offer if you are not for heavy mall meals.

6. Bağdat Avenue

In the Asian part of the city, there is Bağdat Street, where the beauty shop Bağdat Caddesi is located. The first residential step in this area was the construction of upscale wooden huts after year 1870. Some of these huts still exist and give the street a beautiful appearance. Apart from the charm of the shops in this area, Bağdat Street is famous for its restaurants serving local and international cuisine.


7. Forum İstanbul

Everything you may need can be found here. Launched in 2009, the mall is built on a huge 405000-square-foot space. Almost 8000 square meters of the mall is occupied by the first giant aquarium in Turkey and its first ice museum. Furthermore, the rest of the space is shared among shops, sports centers, restaurants, bars and movie theaters.


8. Galleria Shopping Mall

If you need an urgent purchase, you can take a taxi and reach the mall from the airport. In the 1980s, Turkey witnessed many social changes. The mastermind behind these developments was Prime Minister Turgut Özal, who recommended the construction of such a shopping center.

Moreover, this shopping center is built by the sea and covers an area of ​​about 77000 square meters. It has shops, restaurants, movie theaters and a place for ice skating.


9. Metrocity

This 4-storey mall has 140 stores located in the center of Levent.


10. Zorlu Center

Zorlu is the newest shopping center in Istanbul. The center is built on 105000 square meters and its main part is about 10000 square meters. You can find restaurants and bars there.

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