Top Restaurants in Edinburgh Scotland

Best Restaurants in Edinburgh City of Scotland

As the capital of Scotland, there is no shortage of magnificent restaurants in Edinburgh, which come in all price ranges and offer different food, be it Scottish, Italian, or from all corners of the world. In this article, we might only cover some of the restaurants there are. Still, the ones mentioned here are definitely worth a visit if you are a local or just traveling through Edinburgh.

In the past, Edinburgh did not have a diverse range of food, and the food used to be very bland, with a high concentration of meat, bread, and dairy. After the 90s, the food culture slowly transformed, and more cuisines were introduced to the local culture. Now it is the most foodie city in Scotland. Many types of restaurants are in Edinburgh, from Scottish and British to Indian, Italian, and Asian.

Now the question arises: is Edinburgh meat-free? The answer is no; Scottish people still love their meat, but the younger generation tends to consume less meat and more vegetables, and that is why you see more restaurants in Edinburgh have vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. Even we have vegetarian Haggis, which was unheard of in the past.


The Haggis Box on the Royal Mile Street

Best Food in Edinburgh - The Haggis Box on the Royal Mile Street Selling Vegetarian Haggis which is the most Famous Traditional food in Edinburgh

Haggis is not favored by many due to its appearance, being cooked in sheep or cow’s intestines, and its unpleasant appearance.

What is the Most Famous Food in Edinburgh?

Many Scottish, because of vast farmland and the abundance of sheep and cows, have found a taste for cooking meat in sheep’s intestines, and they call it Haggis, which is now also the national dish of Edinburgh. In fact, Haggis is the most famous food in Edinburgh and Scotland, served during lunch and dinner. It also comes with potato and turnip (neeps and tatties) side dishes. But if you travel to Scotland, they also love fried food and Scottish porridge, so if you don’t find Haggis very appetizing, you can try these simpler, famous foods in Edinburgh.

The Haggis Box has tried to change the perception of this traditional Scottish food so it looks more appealing, smells and tastes great, and is also more manageable as a to-go food option. Even though The Haggis Box is a small corner shop in the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile High Street, it is still among the best Scottish restaurants in Edinburgh for Haggis because the menu is simple and the food taste is always on point. They also have vegan and vegetarian Haggis, which taste even better than the traditional ones.


The Ivy On The Square Edinburgh in Edinburgh New Town

The Ivy On The Square Edinburgh in Edinburgh Located in New Town with an Absolutely Beautiful View in Edinburgh with Cool Interior

The Ivy On The Square Edinburgh is among the top British restaurants in Edinburgh with a view to remember. It is located near St Andrew Square and close to Edinburgh High Street. The menu is full of delicious items like steaks, seafood, and pasta with vegetarian and vegan options. They also have a $20 two-course meal deal that is very good for people on a budget. They have a three-course meal on the same menu that costs around $25.


How to Get Free Food in Edinburgh?

When it comes to low budgeting, dining in most restaurants in Edinburgh is not advisable. If the financial situation is dire, you can try any food banks across the city centre and Leith district.


Rhubarb in the Prestonfield House Five-Star Hotel

Cool Restaurants in Edinburgh - Rhubarb Found in the Prestonfield House Five-Star Hotel with Beautiful Decoration

There is nothing like experiencing some of the most eloquent fine dining Edinburgh has to offer in the 18th-century buildings and manors. Rhubarb, located in the Prestonfield House, provides a unique experience for travel to Scotland. As for the menu, you can choose from the A LA Carte menu or the 3-course Meal menu, which is more economical. There is another vegan menu for those who are on a vegan diet. Expect to pay around $50 for lunch and $70 for dinner per person, which is not overly expensive compared to Micheline restaurants in Edinburgh.

The dress code for the Rhubart Restaurant is casual and smart, but you can also wear suits. The operating hours of Rhubart restaurant are from 12 noon to 10 p.m., but it is better to contact the Prestonfield House Hotel to make a booking because the seats are limited and if you travel far to get there you might need to wait a while to be seated.


Number One in The Balmoral Hotel in Old Town

Michelin Restaurants in Edinburgh - Number On Located in The Balmoral Hotel in Old Town has magnificent fine dining experience in Edinburgh

One of the most prominent Michelin-star restaurants in Edinburgh Old Town is the Number One restaurant in the Luxury five-star Balmoral Hotel. The interior design here is done by professional artists from luxury hotels and the Royal College of Art in London, using red-lacquered wood on the walls and oak timber flooring.

The Number One menu comes includes a 7-course sampling menu, a wine sampling menu, and a 3-course menu for dinner time. The food menu includes caviar, veal, deer, scallops, and many local vegetables. Please notify them if you have specific fish or peanut allergies, as both of them are used in the main course menu. The Number One Edinburgh dress code is formal, as in long dresses for ladies and cocktail suits for the gents.


Taste of Italy near the OMNi Centre Shopping Mall

Taste of Italy is Located near the OMNi Centre Shopping Mall Serving Vegetarian Food in Edinburgh

There is no shortage of good Italian restaurants Edinburgh has to offer, but if you want a place that sells authentic Italian food at very reasonable prices in the heart of the city, then Taste of Italy is for you. Operated and run by a long line of Italian Immigrants, the Crolla family, who have been in the winemaking and preparing quality food, the Tate of Italy has become one of the best casual restaurants in Edinburgh, offering all kinds of free-range egg dishes, salami sandwiches and a lot of fresh vegetarian dishes available here.

The Taste of Italy menu is full of delicious items such as pasta, paninis, burgers, pizza, salads, cakes, and ice creams. The drink menu has some classics like Italian espresso and cappuccino, together with ciders, cocktails, and drinks imported from Italy. In the city that sleeps early, the Taste of Italy is open from 8 in the morning to 10 p.m. daily. You can find Taste of Italy on the corner of London Road And Laith Walk, near the OMNi Centre Shopping Mall, accessible via Picardy Place Tram Stop.

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