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Top Flea Markets in Tennessee

Largest Flea Markets in Tennessee

This article introduces readers to some of the best flea markets in Tennessee. This state is a beautiful place with its main city Nashville, where you will find kind-hearted people and wholesome individuals. Having great people living here makes antique shopping a good experience for out-of-town individuals. There are many old as well as new items that you can find in these flea markets, with very good prices.



Nashville Flea Market near The Fairgrounds Nashville

Nashville Flea Market is Having 2000 Vendors - Best Nashville Flea Markets

Nashville Flea Market is one of the largest flea markets in Tennessee, with 2000 vendors operating in this huge area. You can find this market at The Fairgrounds Nashville. The interesting thing about here is that it is only open to customers the last weekend of every month, 3 days a week. You can come here early in the morning and leave late in the afternoon. There are many items, including jewelry, clothing as well as home furniture, to buy from here. Also, there are many food vendors who make some snacks when you get hungry from walking around this massive market.


Phoenix Flea Market in Nashville

Top Flea Markets in Tennessee - Phoenix Flea Market is on Robinson Road in The Old Hickory

Phoenix Flea Market is amongst the more modern flea markets in Tennessee. You can visit this market on Robinson Road in Old Hickory. The red building here is an iconic part of Nashville with great houseware and many other antique items which cannot be found in any other place. Make sure to allocate extra time here since you will be walking here for hours.


Hwy 41 Flea Market in Greenbrier

Hwy 41 Flea Market is A Family Run Business in Robertson County - Top Flea Markets in Tennessee

Hwy 41 Flea Market is a family-run business in a tight-net community in Robertson County. What makes this market great is its accessibility, as well as the availability of affordable items and rental locations for both buyers and vendors. They operate on weekends, Saturdays & Sundays, from early in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. This is a family-friendly place that offers great merchandise, including valuable antiques, fishing gear, plants as well as handicrafts. You can drive them easily and park your car in their massive open-air market.


Anaconda Vintage Located in Nashville

Anaconda Vintage is in East Trinity Lane Right Behind Grimey's Building - Travel Guide USA

Anaconda Vintage is another one of the flea markets in Tennessee, which is actually a giant store. They have everything from antique items, furniture to new clothes for you to shop around. Their prices vary, and in general, more expensive; however, you can still find good deals there; if you are looking for items that are in better shape, head to the Anaconda Vintage store on East Trinity Lane, right behind Grimey’s building.


TN Flea Mall in White House City

Travel Guide USA - TN Flea Mall is Located in White House Suburb

TN Flea Mall is an indoor antique shop that you can find in the White House suburb. The good thing about TN Flea Mall is that they are open every day of the week from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening. Other than antique items, furniture, clothing, and handmade products, they also have very new merchandise with great prices. This is a great place for all family members to visit and find unique items there.


Parkland Flea Market located in Lebanon

Top Flea Markets in Tennessee - Parkland Flea Market is Open Every Weekend From March till November

Parkland Flea Market is one of the longest-running flea markets in Tennessee, offering exciting shopping experiences to customers since 1977. They are open every weekend from March till November from the early hours of the morning till early evening. Head to Murfreesboro Road in Lebanon if you would like to buy great antiques, fresh produce, and pretty clothes. It is good to know that this is a cash-only market, and they do not allow dogs inside as well.

If you would like to know more about other antique markets in the US, check out the San Antonio flea markets. These antique markets offer a great range of handmade items, other unique vegetables, and locally made clothes that are region-specific.

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