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Top 10 Festivals Worldwide

Top 10 Festivals Worldwide

Top Cultural Festivals Worldwide

Global festivals that people are aware of occur only in a few parts of the world. Here is an example of the top 10 festivals worldwide that you can also participate in and be part of the local culture as well. These customs and traditions have dramatically changed over time. However, they are still fun activities for passing the time and having a great trip experience at these festivals worldwide.



Fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona city located North of Spain

Adventure Bucket List - Fiesta of San Fermin Occurs in City of Pamplona

If you like the adrenaline rush in your system, then you need to participate in a fiesta of San Fermin city of Pamplona. Other than watching the bulls chasing people, you can join the parade of the dancing mannequins. Also, there is “The Roar,” where people make a lot of noise together with drums and whistles in front of the council office. Furthermore, for 7 nights straight you can enjoy big fireworks shows. This fiesta isn’t for people who are too afraid since there will be bullfights during the festival. Therefore, make sure you have good footwear with you to avoid danger.


Loy Krathong & Yee Peng Lantern Festivals in Thailand

Global Festivals - Loy Krathong & Yee Peng Lantern Festivals happens in Thailand

Lantern Festivals are one of the more dreamy-like festivals worldwide, which takes place at night hours. During Loy Krathong, in Thailand in November, the rivers light up when many small lanterns float over the rivers. It is a mesmerizing sight only matched by the Yee Peng Lantern Festival when thousands of lanterns fly to the night sky.


The Carnival of Venice in Italy

Top 10 Festivals Worldwide - The Carnival of Venice is 14 Days Celebration of Glamor

The Carnival of Venice is the most elegant and sophisticated among other global festivals. It is 14 days celebration of glamor. You will see many stunning masks throughout the festival. It’s a fantastic scene that you really cannot miss.


The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil

Global Festivals - The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is The Biggest Samba Dance Carnival

Brasil is home to many festivals worldwide, and most of them are about samba. You can enjoy the biggest Samba dance marathon ever in the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The massive floats and decorations here are a sight to see. Also, a different themed ball is happening every night of the festival. Therefore, bring your mask with you when attending the celebration.


Holi Taking Place Across India

Festivals Around The World - Holi Happens in India and It is A Colorful Festival

Holi is one of the most colorful festivals around the world. At Holi, You will get some potent alcoholic drinks to ensure you are in the right mood for the fun that lasts a night and the following day. Here, you will get soaked with water first, and then multi-colored Holi powder will be everywhere. Make sure to come prepared with lots of powder to give you an edge in the crowd.


Burning Man Festival on Black Rock Desert in Nevada in US

Global Festivals - Burning Man Festival Happens in Black Rock Desert in USA

When you’re here, it feels like you are in a movie shooting scene. The Burning Man Festival is happening in the heart of the Black Rock Desert. The event lasts for 9 days, and it is one of the biggest open-air art exhibitions in the world.


La Tomatina Happening in The Town of Buñol in Spain

Festivals Around The World - La Tomatina Happens in Spain is A Big Tomato Festival

La Tomatina is one of those uneasy global festivals that you are guaranteed to get messy in. Here, you will take part in the biggest ketchup-making session that occurs anywhere worldwide. You won’t need to put your best clothes on here. The older your clothes are, the better since they will be plastered with tomatoes all day. In the end, the streets will look like tomato soup, and so will you.


Oktoberfest in Munich in Bavaria in Germany

Adventure Bucket List - Oktoberfest is 18 Days of Beer Drinking Starts in September

One of the most well-known drinking festivals worldwide is Oktoberfest, which takes place in Munich in Bavaria state of Germany. This celebration starts in September and goes on for 18 straight days. You will get 18 days of beer tents, which attracts 6 million people yearly.


St Patrick’s Day Taking Place in Ireland and USA

Top 10 Festivals Worldwide - St Patrick’s Day Happens in Both USA And Ireland on March 17th

Whether you’re in New York or Dublin on March 17th, you will definitely have an amazing time in one of the most recognized festivals worldwide for drinking beer on St Patrick’s Day. You’ll need to be dressed from head to toe in green color and have your face painted too; otherwise, you will be left out. Also, don’t forget to learn the Irish word for cheers, sláinte. Here, it’s guaranteed that you will drink a lot.


Mardi Gras in Louisiana in the USA

Adventure Bucket List - Mardi Gras Happens in The Streets of New Orleans

When Mardi Gras comes to the streets of New Orleans for 14 days, it is the carnival to compete with all carnivals. Wear your best fancy dress costumes because Mardi Gras is all about attire. Be as wild and extravagant as you can be to have fun. There’s only one rule at Mardi Gras, and that’s party until you can’t no more.

After visiting these festivals worldwide, if you feel more adventurous, try checking out the most dangerous tourist attractions in the world. These attractions are not for the weak-hearted and can give you a huge adrenaline rush while trying them.

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