Best Restaurants in Stellenbosch

Best Restaurants in Stellenbosch

List of Family Restaurants in Stellenbosch

Most of the restaurants in Stellenbosch offer a great range of international and local cuisines at great prices. Stellenbosch is a lovely little town with charming neighborhoods, clean streets and mostly safe areas to hang out. This city is one of the parts of South Africa that still has some social cohesion and is suitable to visit.


The Fat Butcher Steak House on Van Riebeeck Street

 best restaurants in Stellenbosch - The Fat Butcher Steakhouse and Burger Eatery

The Fat Butcher is one of the best restaurants in Stellenbosch for steaks and everything beef-related. The Fat Butcher Stellenbosch menu includes burgers, steaks, salads, seafood and much more. As for the dessert, there are puddings and tasty cakes. If you want any types of drinks, they have both alcoholic and mocktail ones. The interior is both classy and cozy, with ample space, a dedicated bar and a small garden to dine in.


Genki Japanese Eatery on Church Street

Genki is a Japanese Eatery located on Church Street for Ramen and Sushi

Opened in 2009, Genki has become one of the most well-known Japanese and sushi restaurants in Stellenbosch. Located in the city’s heart, this Japanese restaurant is popular with foreign tourists. Genji’s menu includes Japanese tapas, Tempura, dumplings, soups, ramen and European-style noodles. The flavors are mild and are adjusted for the local Afrikaans. Overall, with a beautiful outdoor eating area, roomy inside and reasonably priced sushi, this is an excellent spot for some Japanese food in Stellenbosch.


Zorgvliet Restaurant and Wine Tasting

Zorgvliet Restaurant and Wine Tasting - Top Restaurants in Stellenbosch With Wine Farms

Helshoogte Road is a few kilometers away from the center of Stellenbosch. It has a beautiful landscape, surrounded by mountainous regions and fields of greenery. Zorgvliet Restaurant and Wine Tasting is among a few of Stellenbosch’s eateries that are so perfect that many plan to have their wedding there. There is even an accommodation area if you want to stay here for a while. The food is fantastic and has everything you ask from a properly family-owned eatery. The prices are affordable for families and couples. Also, they are famous for their selection of wines which are sourced from the local farms.


De Stomme Jonge along the Ryneveld Street

De Stomme Jonge is Located along the Ryneveld Street Best Known for Local Bread

Behind the oak tree on Ryneveld Street is the small restaurant De Stomme Jonge. This place is one of the restaurants in Stellenbosch that serves Roosterkoek, a traditional South African bread. This bread is a meal bin in this restaurant because you can choose the dough topping yourself.

Customers can order different ingredients for their toppings, ranging from dry meat and cheese to syrup and salted butter. You can eat this delicious food inside the restaurant, choose the outdoor tables, and enjoy the view.


La Pineta Wine farm and Restaurant on Road 44

La Pineta is a Beautiful Wine farm and Restaurant on Road44

Like Zorgvliet Restaurant, La Pineta is one of those Stellenbosch eateries with a fantastic view, superb amenities and even hearty food. You can sit in the terrace section, eat inside the beautifully decorated diner hall, and enjoy the excellent quality food and wine. It is best to enjoy here if you come here as a group or just with your loved ones as there is more to do than just eating food here.


Katjiepiering Restaurant in Stellenbosch University

Katjiepiering Restaurant in Central Part and Stellenbosch University

The name of this restaurant is taken from a green garden full of white and fragrant flowers. Katjiepiering restaurant is amongst restaurants in Stellenbosch with a view and botanical garden which are in the heart of the city, near the Stellenbosch University on Neethling Street. This central part of the city has also some of the best coffee shops in Stellenbosch, worth having a coffee or tea there.

In the open area of this restaurant, the tables are placed under the sun, among the bushes, green grass, and beautiful water views. The dishes of this restaurant are simple but delicious. The restaurant’s menu shows foods such as croissants, omelets, chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches, fresh salads and delicious cakes. Moreover, popular South African dishes can also be found in the restaurant menu. If you like to eat your food in beautiful nature, be sure to visit this restaurant.

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