Top Attractions in Hanoi

Top Attractions in Hanoi

Best Attractions in Hanoi

Similar to Ho Chi Minh City, attractions in Hanoi are beautiful and tourist-friendly. As the capital city of Vietnam, there are modern and historical sights to see here; interestingly, they do not cost much to visit.



Hanoi Old Quarter or Hoan Kiem Neighborhood

Hanoi Old Quarter or Hoan Kiem Neighborhood - Top Attractions in Hanoi

One of the most visited attractions in Hanoi is the city’s old neighborhood. The city’s primary shopping district is this area, which is close to Hoan Kiem Lake. This neighborhood’s twisting alleyways are home to delectable Vietnamese cuisine, numerous affordable malls, and a well-preserved heritage.

The streets in the historic Hoan Kiem area are called by the goods sold on each one, and the neighborhood is triangular in design. Visitors will come across store owners who welcome them to check inside their establishments on the area’s constrained walkways. Early morning on foot is the finest time to explore this area.


Hoan Kiem Lake or the Sword Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake or the Sword Lake is a Historical Site in The City of Hanoi

A visit to Hoan Kiem Lake is among the first things to do in Hanoi throughout the day. The Hoan Kiem Lake, which is close to Hanoi’s ancient quarter and is now a well-liked location for gatherings and tourists, is where most couples prefer to take their wedding photographs. Additionally, suppose you visit this lake early in the day. In that case, you may notice a lot of athletes conducting their daily workouts. Crossing this lake’s lovely red wooden bridge, you may get to the Temple of the Jade Mountain, where some still hold religious rituals.


Confucius Temple Of Literature

Top Attractions in Hanoi - Confucius Temple Of Literature or Known as Văn Miếu

The oldest university in Vietnam is located at the Temple of Literature, a temple that dates back a thousand years. The repairs have brought back to life one of the best-looking attractions in Hanoi. This building was damaged during the twentieth-century war. This temple features five adjacent courtyards that run the length of it from south to north.


Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long Build by the Emperor Ly Thai To

One of the attractions in Hanoi created by the Chinese is the “Hanoi Citadel,” also referred to as the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. Approximately 18 hectares are taken up by this royal castle. Emperor Ly Thai To constructed this castle when it was bigger and had three fortresses. This castle is now available to the public. Visitors can see the “Forbidden City Wall” outside this citadel and the eight remaining gates from that period. After paying the entrance fee, you can also visit the “Flag Tower” and Kinh Thien Palace.



Unique Things to Do in Hanoi

During both day and night, there are things to do in Hanoi and tourists will stay energized by the joyfulness of this city. Most of the attractions in Hanoi are unique culturally and there is no shortage of places to shop and eat quality food.



Watching the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Watching Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre - Unique Things to Do in Hanoi

As puppet shows are a significant aspect of Vietnamese culture and heritage, seeing the Thang Long Water Puppet Show must be on your list of things to do in Hanoi. The Thang Long water puppet show is particularly well-liked even among the locals. During an hour-long performance, the puppets dance in the water and narrate Vietnam’s history, tales and folklore. There are 17 brief puppet shows with traditional music in this performance.


Visit Cafes along the Hanoi Train Street

Unique Things to Do in Hanoi at Night - Visit Cafes along the Hanoi Train Street

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Hanoi is the railway street. There are homes on both sides of this confined section of railroad track where trains travel twice daily. There are a few meters or so between houses and the train tracks. This is truly a unique sight.

People can be seen putting up their lunch and dinner tables near the rails and watching their kids and pets play on them. Additionally, they all walk away from the tracks at once as word of the approaching train is heard. Everything reverts to its original state when the train passes through this street like it never came through. You can witness the train passing through this street a few times daily.


Shop Souvenirs from the Đồng Xuân Market

Shop Souvenirs from the Đồng Xuân Market where you Can Find Clothes

One of the enjoyable things to do in Hanoi is shop in the Dong Xuan Market. The old city’s northern region is home to this four-story structure, which provides everything you need. This market offers a wide variety of goods, including clothing, electrical appliances, household goods, home décor, fresh food, dry food, and, of course, many Vietnam souvenirs to bring home. This market is where you may find the most vibrant presents in Vietnam for your loved ones.


Stroll along the West Lake

Stroll along the West Lake and Enjoy the View of the Sea from the Cafes

Hoan Kim is similarly attractive to Ho Tay or West Lake. The largest freshwater lake in Hanoi is Ho Tai and upscale communities like Tay Ho are nearby. The region near the lake is home to many eateries and coffee shops.

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