Best Vietnam Souvenirs

Best Vietnam Souvenirs

Most Popular Vietnam Souvenirs

The best Vietnam souvenirs are found mainly in Hanoi and Hội An cities. Still, there are smaller villages that are dedicated to a specific craft. Many local products and traditional souvenirs from Vietnam have reasonable prices, so with the lowest cost, you can return home with a suitcase full of souvenirs and share your travel memories with your friends and relatives. Some local Vietnam souvenirs travelers can buy are souvenirs made from Bamboo or walnut wood, ornate lacquerware, traditional decorative fabrics, and high-quality silk.


Floating Lanterns or Hoi An lanterns

Best Vietnam Souvenirs - Colorful Floating Lanterns or Hoi An lanterns Made for Good Luck and Granting Wishes

lanterns represent good fortune and luck in Vietnamese culture. Many locals believe that when they float them over a river, they bring healthy and positive energy and grant wishes. These lanterns came from the Chinese diaspora in Vietnam in the 6th century and gradually became a symbol of Hoi An. These lanterns will make great Vietnam souvenirs because of their colorful colors and unique shapes. Most of these lanterns are made from silk fabrics, Bamboo and sticks in the middle.

The most famous place to see these beautiful lanterns in Hoi An is a street called Nguyen Phuc Chu or Lantern Street near the famous Nguyen Hoang Night Market in the Old Town. There are other attractions in Hoi An worth checking out, as this city is full of unique culture, architecture and good local markets.


Vietnamese Wooden Chopsticks

Top Beautiful Souvenirs in Vietnam - Vietnamese Wooden Chopsticks Made with Wood and Painted Patterns

As stated previously, the Chinese in Vietnam influenced bringing the Lantern Festival to this country. Also, they managed to integrate their chopsticks into the culinary part of the culture. The Vietnamese chopsticks are very similar to their Chinese counterparts in length and blunt end. These chopsticks make great souvenirs from Vietnam as they are easy to carry, cheap and come in numerous colors. Most of these chopsticks are made of Bamboo, but there are lacquered wooden ones with beautiful patterns.


Vietnamese Lacquerware or Sơn Mài

Vietnamese Lacquerware or Sơn Mài are Painted on Bamboo, Rose or Walnut Wood

Vietnamese lacquerware has unique characteristics as it is painted on walnut, cherry and rosewood. This Art is called sơn mài and was started in Hanoi by French artists traveling through this city. The method of lacquering objects differs from the ones you will see in Japan as it more resembles the French lacquer art as well as those from ancient Persia and China.

These beautiful lacquerware are some of the most unique Vietnam souvenirs to bring back home. Because of their delicacy, make sure to wrap them securely and place them in a cushioned spot. The best place to buy all kinds of lacquerware is in Ha Thai lacquer village, located south of Hanoi in the “Thuong Tin” district. You must ask for a local tour or grab a taxi to get there.


Vietnamese Iced and Hot Coffee

Vietnamese coffee or "cà phê sữa nóng Delicious food to Bring Home- Famous Vietnam Souvenirs

Vietnamese coffee or “cà phê sữa nóng” is a strong drip coffee made from Robusta beans mixed with local condensed milk. Vietnamese coffee beans are sourced from the highlands in the Da Lat region and offer a distinct aroma when brewed. The quintessential coffee that you find in the country is the famous Vietnamese iced coffee. The instant version of the strong and iced coffee is some of the best souvenirs from Vietnam you can have. Another refreshing product is Vietnamese green tea, served both in an iced version and a typical hot brew. But, the iced tea version is widely available in the local market and street stalls.


Vietnamese Conical Hat or Nón Lá

Vietnamese Conical Hat or Nón Lá are Used by Rice Farmers and now Fashionable

Perhaps you have seen this hat shown in many movies depicting Asian people working the rice fields and you might want to get yourself one. This hat is often called the leaf hat or “nón lá” and is worn by mainly rice farmers to protect them from rain and sun arrays. This hat is unisex and every man and woman can wear them. In recent years, this conical hat has gained a fashion symbol status and females, especially, wear them during photoshoots and in modeling events. However, you can still see them worn by the locals in more rural areas. These hats make great Vietnam souvenirs representing Vietnam and its hardworking people.


Silk Products and Textiles

Best Silk Scarfs and Clothes are found Vạn Phúc, in Hà Đông District of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best producers of high-quality silk fabrics. The Vạn Phúc, in Hà Đông, southwest of Hanoi, silk weaving village is one of the oldest places to find authentic silk fabrics at very affordable prices at premium quality. The silk quality is smooth and soft and the most famous item in the shops are the silk scarfs. These silk fabrics are great Souvenirs from Vietnam for their price and quality and they last long too.

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