Unique Dishes to Try in Beijing

Unique Dishes to Try in Beijing

Popular Food in Beijing

Food in Beijing is some of the most diverse in the entire country of China. This article introduces tourists to unique dishes to try in Beijing that you cannot find in other cities of China. Beijing has so many great dishes and snacks that travelers might not know where to start. To make it easier, here are some of the must-try local favorites for you to try.



Stewed Liver Made from Intestines

China Travel Tips - Stewed Liver is For Travelers Who Want to Taste Authentic Chinese Dishes

Beijing residents like dishes made from intestines. Their famous dishes of pig intestines include baodu, luzhu huoshao, as well as stewed liver. They put stewed pig livers in soup thickened with starch. The stewed Liver dish is suitable for colder seasons and travelers who want to taste authentic Chinese dishes.


Beijing Fried Sauce Noodles

Food in Beijing - Beijing Fried Sauce Noodles Comes With Stir-fried Ground Pork

Beijing is famous for its fried sauce noodles or noodles with soybean paste. Moreover, Beijing Fried Sauce Noodles is a dish of thick wheat noodles mixed with sauce added to stir-fried ground pork or beef with salty soybean paste.


Peking Roast Duck found near Panjiayuan Antique Market

China Travel Tips - Peking Roast Duck is A Delicacy With Restaurants Specialized in Making it

Peking Roast Duck is the most famous food in Beijing. In fact, Peking Roast Duck is such a delicacy that you can get it in very famous restaurants specializing in making only this dish. Tourists need to try 3 things here in this city: visiting the Great Wall, eating roast duck, and going to the Panjiayuan Antique Market.


Jianbing Street Food Similar to Pancakes

Jianbing is one of The Most Famous Street Food in China Similar to Pancakes

Jianbing is similar to pancakes and is filled with sauce and meat. This convenient, cheap, and high-calorie food is really suitable for the busy life in Beijing, which is why this dish quickly became their popular breakfast on the go. The hawkers usually spread some batter on the surface of a pan and crack an egg on top, spreading the yolk evenly. While the dough and egg mixture is cooking, the hawker pours a layer of hoisin sauce on top and then adds some sesame seeds and coriander. Other layers, such as cooked meat and ham can also be added to it as well.


Aiwowo a Traditional sweet

Aiwowo is a Traditional Sweet Which is made from Glutinous Rice Topped with Sesame Seeds

Aiwowo, or rice dumplings, is a tasty traditional Islamic snack made from glutinous rice, sugar, sesame seeds, and peach kernels. The history of preparing this delicious snack dates back to the early Ming Dynasty. At that time, food stalls sold this same rice dumpling from the beginning of the Spring Festival until the beginning of autumn. Today, but at any time of the year, you can enjoy this delicious food in Beijing restaurants. This simple Food in Beijing with many properties is very useful for people who suffer from anorexia and weakness.


Douzhi Milk Soup Served with Fried Dough

Douzhi Milk Soup Served with Fried Dough and Generally Eaten as Breakfast Meal

Mashed milk soup, or Douzhi, is a traditional soup with a special flavor in Beijing. Its taste is slightly sour and, at the same time, sweet. You can find this food in Beijing almost anywhere, selling soup in the city. People in Beijing say that this thousand-year-old soup cools the body in the hot season and warms the body in the hot season. This soup is often eaten for breakfast.


Old Beijing Pear Drink Served with Sugar

Unique Dishes to Try in Beijing - Old Beijing Pear Drink is From Sweet Pears

This drink is made from sweet pears and added edible white fungus, crystal rock sugar, and green plums. Also, they add Chinese Wolfberries to it. Locals believe that it is a nutritious drink that is good for your lungs and throat.


Ludagun Rice Filled Dessert

Ludagun is one of The Most Traditional Food in Beijing Made Out of Rice Filled with Fruit Paste

Ludagun is one of the most traditional Chinese snacks made from millet flour or glutinous rice filled with red bean paste, and then the prepared balls are rolled in sesame. Originating in Chengde, this dish has become one of the most popular dishes in Beijing due to the Manchu people’s fondness for sticky foods. This dish is full of spices, fragrant herbs, and tastes quite sweet.

Also, it is worth checking out other parts of the country to observe the beautiful temples of China. These temples are clear representations of the country’s immense cultural heritage and past civilizations.

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