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Best Coffee shops in Burnaby

Must Visit Coffee Shops in Burnaby - Best Cafes & Tea houses in Burnaby, British Columbia

Top Burnaby Cafes to dine in

There are many coffee shops in Burnaby a city in British Columbia’s lower mainland, which is a perfect location for a memorable experience. Burnaby is the third most populous city in British Columbia, featuring neighborhoods such as Metrotown, Burnaby Heights, Brentwood, Big Bend, and Willingdon Heights.

It is known to have many cozy places from North to South and from West to east; in this post, we will look at the best Burnaby cafes where you can work, study, or just hang out with your favorite person.


La Forêt Cafe Jubilee Branch near Metrotown

La Forêt Cafe - La Forêt Burnaby Cafes is a large space with lots of plants and nice lighting that's great for working or studying

It is one of the best coffee shops in Burnaby for studying, working, or chilling out with your family or friends. It has 2 branches in Burnaby Jubilee and Royal Oak. The Jubilee is located at 6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby, BC V5J 4B3, Canada.

La Forêt Burnaby Cafe is a large space with lots of plants and nice lighting that’s great for working or studying. There are lots of tables, and the staff is helpful. There is a wide range of fresh, tasty, and healthy drinks, food, and snacks to choose from.

The interesting point about here is that they welcome bike riders as they have bicycle racks at the back door, and you can get a free candle for your birthday or wedding if you celebrate it here.

Their opening hours are from 8 am to 10 pm daily, except on weekends and holidays, that they open from 9 am to 10 pm; they are also closed on Christmas days. If you happen to be here with a car, note that during pick hours, it is hard to find parking.


Fondway Cafe in Metrotown

Fondway Cafe - One of the coffee shop near Metrotown, a great place to work and study

Fondway is another one of the great choices for coffee shops in Burnaby, with great access to Metrotown station. If you take the train, you can see the Fondway cafe right in front of you when you get off.

This Burnaby cafes is one of the great coffee shops with quite reasonable prices. Fondway can be another choice for studying and working as it has free WiFi. However, keep in mind that there are times when there are a lot of people, which can make it a little crowded and noisy. If that happens, you can use a headphone and enjoy working in this cozy spot.

There is a great menu with hot and cold coffee, tea, tea lattes, house cold drinks, and a lot of lunch food. They also have salad, soup, and daily sandwiches with good portions. Banana waffles and avocado egg sandwiches are popular foods in Burnaby Cafes.

They give services every day from 10 am to 8:30 pm and on weekends from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm. Fondway Cafe’s exact location is at 4462 Beresford St., Burnaby, BC V5H 2Y8, Canada.

If you drive here, remember that it has paid street parking and sometimes it is difficult to find parking.


Fior Di Latte Cafe, Bakery & Gelato in Burnaby Height

Fior Di Latte Cafe, Bakery & Gelato in Burnaby Height - One of the cozy Burnaby cafes in Burnaby Heights

One of the cozy Burnaby cafes in Burnaby Heights, which you can go to in all seasons, is Fior Di Latte Cafe. People go there for many reasons, including studying, having dates, and just hanging out with family or friends.

This cafe has a warm atmosphere and super-friendly staff who will help you with any questions that you might have. There are lots of seating options, and it’s not a busy place. If you would like to study or work here, you should know that the lighting is not too bright.

Fior Di Latte Cafe provides some of the best cakes you have never eaten before, including vegan chocolate cake, delicious carrot cake, and cheesecake that comes in a large slice for a reasonable price. There is also a kitchen made of glass where you can watch food being made.

This Burnaby coffee shop can be found at 4233 East Hastings St #100B, Burnaby, BC V5C 2J5, Canada, and their opening hours are from 8 am to 9 pm.

Sulbing Café (설빙) in Austin Heights, Burnaby

Sulbing Café (설빙) in Austin Heights, Burnaby - This coffee shops in Burnaby is one of the super cute cafes with lots of tasty Korean desserts

If you are in British Columbia, Canada, and feel like tasting Korean desserts, then Sulbing Café (설빙) is a place for you. It is open every day from 12 pm to 12 am at 4501 North Rd #202a, Burnaby, BC V3N 4J5, Canada.

These coffee shops in Burnaby is one of the super cute cafes. It has a small menu with lots of tasty Korean desserts and sweet waffles in good portions. The Oreo Waffle is their most popular dessert and comes highly recommended.

Although there are plenty of free parking lots, sometimes it is hard to find parking.

In addition to all the positive points mentioned above, customers have reported that the music played in this Burnaby cafes is loud, the staff is not very friendly or helpful, and the shaved ice is not the best.


Cactus Club Cafe restaurant near Willingdon Heights

Cactus Club Cafe - A Cafe Restaurant in North Burnaby with outdoor seating and many branches all over Canada

It is a Cafe Restaurant in North Burnaby with outdoor seating and many branches all over Canada. This coffee shops in Burnaby has great cocktails in the area, with a delightful experience of being in this Cafe after a long busy day.

Cactus is a great spot to celebrate because of its extensive menu, which includes a variety of frozen, wine, beer, and zero-proof options.

This Burnaby cafes has many features, like personable staff who are really helpful, delivery options with zero fees, take-out, a lounge, and a patio.

They serve happy hour food & late night every day from 2-5 pm and on Sunday to Thursday from 9 pm till the cafe is closed, and from Friday to Saturday from 10 pm till the cafe is closed. Moreover, every Tuesday and Wednesday, they offer ½ priced wine bottles.

In case you are planning to visit Cactus Club Cafe, be aware that they do not provide vegetarian or gluten-free options. Therefore, individuals following specific diets should consider this before making plans.

Cactus opens daily from 11 am to 12 am, except on Friday and Saturday, which closes at 1 am at midnight. The Cactus is located at 4219 B Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, British Columbia.

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