Places to Get Lunch in Stockholm

Places to Get Lunch in Stockholm

Getting Good Lunch in Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the food capitals in Northern Europe, with countless restaurants to suit all budgets. Getting lunch in Stockholm is simple; however, finding cheap restaurants in Stockholm may be a little difficult. But there are some restaurants, food halls, buffets, and cafes in this Swedish capital that are suitable for everyone.

At these restaurants throughout the city, you can try a variety of dishes, including Asian cuisine, pizza, hot dogs as well as burgers. One of the problems that can arise in Stockholm for people who love to eat is that the restaurants in this city are so diverse and their food is so delicious that it will be really difficult to choose from all these restaurants.



Food Carts in Commercial Districts

Places to Get Lunch in Stockholm - Food Carts Offer Swedish Food Such As Fried Strömming

Food trucks can be seen all over the city for amazing lunch in Stockholm. These trucks serve all kinds of food, from Swedish food such as fried strömming to mushrooms and cheese on toast. Food trucks can usually be seen near Saturday markets and on weekdays near the city’s commercial districts. Sometimes you also see food trucks parked in different parts of the city.


Söderhallarna & Hötorgshallen Food Courts

Söderhallarna & Hötorgshallen Food Courts Offer Fresh Ingredients - Travel Guide Sweden

Stockholm food halls such as Söderhallarna, Hötorgetshallen, and Ermstermalms Saluhall are places where food is cooked with fresh ingredients, meat, and fish. Most people forget about food packs, juicy steaks, fresh fruits, and ready-to-eat meals in the morning. Outdoor food can also be found in these food halls, and people can put their food in a container and take it with them. On the plus side, the food halls are located in the town squares, so people can sit outside the restaurant in fine weather and have a meal while watching the passers-by.


Hotdog Carts with Cheap Food

Hotdog Carts Like Hornstulls Korvkiosk and Östermalms Korvspecialist - Places to Get Lunch in Stockholm

In Stockholm, you can order a regular hot dog sandwich for your lunch in Stockholm with lots of potato puree mixed with shrimp salad, fried onions, and other side dishes. Hotdog booths such as the Hornstulls Korvkiosk and Östermalms Korvspecialist are places where you can order delicious and cheap hot dogs. Some of these restaurants are open until late at night.


Burger Joins with Vegetarian Options

Places to Get Lunch in Stockholm - Burger Joins Are Such As Flippin 'Burger and Vigårda

Eating a delicious pick is one of the life pleasures of people who love to eat food, especially meat. Stockholm has many restaurants serving excellent burgers. Flippin ‘Burger and Vigårda are two examples of these restaurants. Burgers are reasonably priced in restaurants or small street stalls.


Asian Food Buffets for Asian Cuisine

Asian Food Buffets Offer Delicious Asian Cuisine - Travel Guide Sweden

The popularity and spread of Asian cuisine have led to the opening of the Asian cuisine buffet with a variety of delicious snacks throughout Stockholm. These buffets serve a variety of Asian dishes, from sushi to a variety of meats, vegetables, and desserts, for your lunch in Stockholm. Buffet Pong
and Mandarin City are some of these buffets.


Nook a Scandinavian Restaurant

Places to Get Lunch in Stockholm - Nook Includes Korean And Traditional Swedish Dishes

Nook is perfect for trying excellent international cuisine. The top menu includes Korean and traditional Swedish dishes. Here you can order both from the fixed menus and a single meal and enjoy the unique flavors prepared for you.


Kebab Shops for Reasonable Prices

Kebab Shops Like Kebabkungen And Berliner Kebab Medborgarplatsen - Places to Get Lunch in Stockholm

The Swedish interest in kebabs has a long history and is growing every day. In every corner of Stockholm, you can find restaurants or eateries that serve delicious kebabs to customers. These are budget deals for your lunch in Stockholm. In these restaurants, you can order plates full of meat and vegetables at a reasonable price. Kebabkungen and Berliner Kebab Medborgarplatsen are better than other restaurants.

If you like to experience other Swedish dishes and local cuisine, check out Gothenburg restaurants. These restaurants offer mostly local and regional dishes; however, you can still get some international dishes there.

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