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A Guide to Gothenburg Restaurants



A Guide to Gothenburg Restaurants

In Gothenburg there is always a restaurant near by that often offers high quality food. In addition, there are many Gothenburg restaurants that also carry Michelin stars. The idea that which restaurant is the best, is really a matter of taste, depending on what you are going to eat and what you like and so on. Moreover, Gothenburg is Sweden‘s second largest city and one of the most visited cities in the country. The rich history and culture along with the various tourist attractions and entertainment that exist in this city have all caused many tourists to come to the city.


Restaurang Solrosen

A Guide to Gothenburg Restaurants - Restaurang Solrosen Offer Several Different Daily Dishes

Restaurang Solrosen is a vegetarian restaurant located in the picturesque district of Haga in Gothenburg. Also, Sunflower is one of the oldest Gothenburg restaurants that purely serves vegetarian food to its customers. And in fact it is one of the places in town that has been around the longest with the same owners and staff. They offer several different daily dishes, which are both vegan and gluten-free.


Bistro Södra 32

Travel Guide Sweden - Bistro Södra 32 is Centrally Located on Södra Vägen

Bistro Södra 32 is centrally located on Södra Vägen in a perfect location close to Liseberg, the Swedish Exhibition Center and Scandinavium. They have a beautiful and cozy room with a focus on an international, Mediterranean cuisine as well as a lounge area. Moreover, you can book this place for your birthday dinner, bachelorette party, business dinner and corporate events.



Natur Offers American Style Food - A Guide to Gothenburg Restaurants

If you want an intimate American style food, visit the Natur restaurant, located in the city center it is one of the best Gothenburg Restaurants for this type of food in town. They make great quality dishes here. Here, raw materials are part of the menu, with a relaxed and intimate environment. The place makes it feel like you are in New York and the food is organic.


Restaurang VRÅ

Restaurang VRÅ is Where Asia Meets The Nordics Land - Travel Guide Sweden

Restaurang VRÅ is a different restaurant where Asia meets the Nordics land. It is located in central Gothenburg located in the middle of Clarion Hotel Post. Here, Asian traditions meet with a modern Nordic gastronomy. Moreover, you can enjoy sashimi, sushi, oysters and much more good dishes here. It is also a nice restaurant to sit in, as the decor is a mix of Asian and the Nordic cultures.



Monopolet Offers Luxurious Asian Street Food - A Guide to Gothenburg Restaurants

In the rustic premises, Monopolet offers a little more luxurious Asian street food with locally produced beers from its bar. The environment here is very nice and welcoming for customers. The food is budget friendly and the service is very exceptional.


Sjömagasinet Sverige

A Guide to Gothenburg Restaurants - Sjömagasinet Sverige is A Michelin Star Restaurant

One of the most famous Gothenburg restaurants, which also has very good food, is Sjömagasinet. Here you can enjoy seafood in abundance and also have a beautiful view of the river. This restaurant also has a star in the Michelin Guide.


Brisket & Friends

A Guide to Gothenburg Restaurants - Brisket & Friends is Located Near The Victoriagården Area

Brisket & Friends already has two restaurants in Stockholm and has opened its first restaurant in Gothenburg. Here, they focus on Texas-inspired food with brisket for the main menu, as well as several American sides. There are also several vegetarian options as well as a carefully selected selection of draft beers. Make sure to try this place near the Victoriagården area.

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