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Best neighborhoods in Milan



Best neighborhoods in Milan

Best neighborhoods in Milan

Best neighborhoods in Milan – Milan may be small in size, however each region has a unique personality and as an international hub of fashion and design, there is no limitations of places and cool hangouts here. You can discover redesigned Isola, Zona Tortona as well as Brera for this magnificent city’s best neighborhoods.



Porta Romana

Best neighborhoods in Milan

On the side of Porta Romana there are many prominent apartment streets that accommodate some of Milan’s wealthiest residents. Also, the other side of the neighborhood, there is a lively area with cafes, restaurants and shops. It is a nice place to walk around and eat some good food.


Zona Tortona

Best neighborhoods in Milan

Every April, Zona Tortona turns into the center of Design Week, with the creative glory of the design world appearing in indoor with unique furnishings. In fashion week, the fashionable population come here again. As a result, many attractive water holes, restaurants as well as boutiques will be in full operation in this magnificent neighborhood.


Porta Venezia

Best neighborhoods in Milan

Porta Venezia is a blend of old and vibrant international Milan. There is a large population of Eritrea in the area, so you can easily find delicious Eritrean restaurants and bakeries. Moreover, many buildings are made of dark stone without tile that has paintings decorated in modern art on them.

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