Best Neighborhoods in Milan

Best neighborhoods in Milan

Top Neighborhoods in Milan to Live

This article introduces expats and tourists to the best neighborhoods in Milan if you wish to stay here for a longer period of time. Milan may be small in size; however, each region has a unique personality, and as an international hub of fashion and design, there are no limitations on places and cool hangouts here. You can discover redesigned Isola, Zona Tortona, as Brera for this magnificent city’s best neighborhoods.



Porta Romana a Luxury Neighborhood

Best Neighborhoods in Milan - Porta Romana Has Many Prominent Apartment Streets

On the side of Porta Romana, many prominent apartment streets accommodate some of Milan’s wealthiest residents. Also, on the other side of the neighborhood, there is a lively area with cafes, restaurants, and shops. It is a nice place to walk around and eat some good food. If money is no issue, Porta Romana is one of the best neighborhoods in Milan for well-off individuals who want to have a proper residency in an affluent area.


Zona Tortona District Suitable for Designers

Best Neighborhoods in Milan - Zona Tortona is The Center of Design Week

Every April, Zona Tortona turns into the center of Design Week, with the creative glory of the design world appearing indoors with unique furnishings. In fashion week, the fashionable population comes here again. As a result, many attractive water holes, restaurants, and boutiques will be in full operation in this magnificent neighborhood.


Porta Venezia an Old and Vibrant District

Best Neighborhoods in Milan - Porta Venezia is A Blend of Old And Vibrant New

Porta Venezia is a blend of old and vibrant international Milan. There is a large population of Eritrea in the area, so you can easily find delicious Eritrean restaurants and bakeries. Moreover, many buildings are made of dark stone without tile and have paintings decorated with modern art on them.


Wagner an Elegant Neighborhood

Wagner is an Elegant Neighborhood with Many Boutiques and Shops

In the area between the Wagner, De Angeli, and Buonarroti, underground stops are one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Milan. Mesmerizing buildings, wide and well-kept streets, and high-level boutiques characterize this area to the southwest of the center of Milan. Around this area, there is no shortage of supermarkets, open-air markets, and shops for everyday life. In the evening, the neighboring De Angeli area, and in particular the famous Marghera zone, is transformed into a lively meeting place for young people and adults to enjoy a beautiful evening.


Maggiolina with Great Access to City Center

Maggiolina is a Good District with Nice Houses and with Great Access to City Center

With its strategic position, which is not far from the main points of interest in the city but at the same time sheltered from the traffic and liveliness of the central areas, the Maggiolina is undoubtedly one of the best neighborhoods in Milan in which to look for a place to live in. This district is one of the most suitable areas for families, thanks to the numerous family-oriented facilities available in the area. La Maggiolina boasts an elegant residential context as well as many public green areas, making it a great place for an evening stroll.


Sempione a Quite Area for Families

Sempione is a Quite Area for Families with Some Bars and Shopping Malls Nearby

The Sempione district is also an excellent choice for looking for a house. This beautiful and rather quiet area begins behind the Triennale and expands towards the northeast, bordering Viale Certosa Street. It is already well served by surface transport, populated by shops and numerous bars for having some quality time for all.

If you are planning to stay in this city for the short term or want to explore it for future residency, you should stay in one of the best hotels in Milan. You can generally find these hotels in good areas of the city. They will give you peace of mind on where you want to head next in this city. Also, they offer great amenities and provide tours for you.

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