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Where to Get Coffee in Tallinn



Where to Get Coffee in Tallinn

Best Locations for Coffee in Tallinn

When you are in Estonia, tourists wonder where to get coffee in Tallinn. This town is not really famous to have a huge café culture, however, there are recently many more coffee houses popping out around Tallinn. Moreover, in this post there are a few precious coffee shops that you can go as a tourist.

This country has a lot to offer and you should definitely visit the best attractions in Estonia. They consists of ancient sights as well as beautiful scenery that you can get in an untouched country of Estonia.


Maiasmokk Cafe a Historical Coffee Shop

Where to Get Coffee in Tallinn - Maiasmokk Cafe Located in The Heart of The City

In the heart of Tallinn there is a café on one side and a chocolate shop on the other. In Maiasmokk Cafe, the decoration is beautiful and cozy, and you will have a good time in the winter. However, their prices are a bit high in comparison to to other cafes for some coffee in Tallinn. A great afternoon with hot espresso in the classic atmosphere of this café can calm your mind. A variety of hot drinks and fresh cakes are prepared in this café as well.


Kehrwieder Saiakang Chocolaterie in The City Center

Where to Get Coffee in Tallinn - Kehrwieder Saiakang Chocolaterie Located in Main Square of The City

A small café on the way and drinking a cup of hot tea can be a good suggestion for a rest time between your days while traveling in Tallinn. The location of Kehrwieder Saiakang Chocolaterie is very good and excellent. Also, it is located right in the middle of the main square of the city. The price of the cake with a hot drink in this café is very reasonable.


Nikolay Bar-buffeé famous for Local Breads

Where to Get Coffee in Tallinn - Nikolay Bar-buffeé Offers Fresh Coffee And Soups

Nikolay Bar-buffeé is a great place to have a cup of coffee in Tallinn with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, which prepares hot and fresh breads with hot tea or coffee for its customers. The interior decoration of this café is attractive and its staff treats you very well. In addition to making fresh coffee, this café also serves soups and vegetarian dishes to its customers.


Saiakangi Kohvik With a Warm Atmosphere

Travel Guide Estonia - Saiakangi kohvik Makes Unique Sweets and Cupcakes

If you are a fan of different types of sweets and cupcakes, Saiakangi kohvik café in Tallinn is for you. You can order a fresh dessert with hot espresso and enjoy drinking it in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the café. In addition to cakes and drinks, you can also order a variety of salads and cold sandwiches that are served in this place with a reasonable price.


Pierre Chocolaterie with Traditional Interior

What To Do in Estonia - Pierre Chocolaterie Best Known For its Chocolate Drinks

Pierre Chocolaterie is located in a unique place, because it is not on the main streets. The vibe here is really good and calm which makes having coffee in Tallinn evermore pleasant. It is usually very busy and it is not easy to find a place to work, but it is suitable for a bite after lunch. If you like cakes and all kinds of chocolate drinks, this café can be a good choice. The interior is cozy and calm, and if you like, you can enjoy a hot drink outside the café and inside the yard.


Rukis near Raekoja Plats

What To Do in Estonia - Rukis A Good Place For Fresh Coffee And Hot Soups

Rukis is a big and beautiful café in Tallinn city where all kinds of sweets are available. The interesting thing about this café is that you can see the café kitchen while they are preparing the sweets. Therefore, you will learn how they prepare their pastries. In this café, local chefs prepare a variety of soups for customers as well. In general, this café can be a good place to relax and drink a hot coffee. Also, they have a wide range of pastries and even freshly baked bread especially rye bread. Rukis is located very close to Raekoja Plats.

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