Zugdidi Tourism Places

Zugdidi tourism places

Zugdidi Tourist Attractions

This article introduces travelers to Zugdidi tourist attractions since this art of Georgia is less famous. Zugdidi is the capital of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti area. The name Zugdidi means a large hill in English. Zugdidi was the capital of Mingrelia until the year 1867. In 1993, the government of the first President of Georgia, Zviad Gamsakhurdia was located in this city.



Dadiani Palace Museum in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Area

Zugdidi Tourism Places - Dadiani Palace Museum Founded by David Dadiani

In the year 1839, David Dadiani founded his Family Museum. It is one of the oldest museums in the area and currently hosts more than 41 thousand different items of different ages. Some of the interesting things that are here at the museum include Napoleon’s library, Napoleon’s personal letters as well as silver utensils and Porcelains. Interestingly, Dadiani Palace Museum is one of the great Zugdidi tourist attractions suited for those who like to see art pieces in a beautiful building with a Neo-Gothic structure. There are various art shows happening here, so any time you give them a visit, there are interesting items to see. This museum is located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.


Ganmukhuri and Anaklia Resorts

Zugdidi Tourism Places - Ganmukhuri and Anaklia are Two Resorts in The Black Sea

Ganmukhuri and Anaklia are two resorts in the Black Sea that are connected by a 552-meter pedestrian bridge. The resort attracts tourists because of its sandy beaches and quiet resorts, peaceful boulevards, hotels, water parks as well as yacht clubs. These resorts are good Zugdidi tourist attractions if you desire to move slightly further away from the main areas of the city center and visit the natural beauties surrounding this city.


Kolkheti’s National Park near Guria Region

What To Do in Georgia - Kolkheti's National Park is Here to Preserve the Ecosystem of Kolkheti

This National Park is here in order to preserve the wetland ecosystem of Kolkheti which is of great international importance. This National Park offers boat tours in Lake Paliastomi and Pichori River as well as fishing, bird watching, and eco-friendly educational tours. Tours take place throughout the year.


Kuakantsalia Known as The Swinging Rock in Tsalenjikha

What To Do in Georgia - Kuakantsalia is A Rock Placed in a Pile of Limestone at Tsalenjikha

This Rock is placed in a pile of limestone at Tsalenjikha and you are able to visit it 27 kilometers from Zugdidi. This is a great place if you are into geology as the shape of this rock is in a way that you can create knocking sounds within it slightly with just bare hands. This limestone has a local legend about it which similar to other cultures around the world relates to the gods and the appearance of such anomalies on surfaces.


Khobi Convent Known as Nojikhevi convent of the Dormition

What To Do in Georgia - Khobi Convent Dates Back to The Thirteenth And Fourteenth Century

This Monastery dates back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and you can find it in Nojikhevi village, 30 kilometers away from Zugdidi. The church has beautiful frescoes decorations. During the Middle Ages Khobi Monastery served as Headquarters of the Georgian Diocese of Georgia. This area will be especially attractive for tourists who are interested in Archaeology.


Skuri Mountainside

What To Do in Georgia - Skuri is Very Famous for Its Mineral Waters With Healing Properties

The area is very famous for its mineral waters and has many healing properties. You can find a white castle dating back to the first to the third century inside the beautiful Skuri Valley here. This is a great place to visit during Spring and Summer time seasons to enjoy the fullest.


Shurubumu for its Natural Beauty

What To Do in Georgia - Shurubumu Reflects The Beauty of The Natural World

Shurubumu is perhaps the most beautiful one of the Zugdidi tourist attractions which reflects the beauty of the natural world. Moreover, the area is full of lush mosses and thousands of years old trees. In this area, you can find a cave that has numerous stalactites and stalagmites.


Enguri Dam for Viwing the Nearby Lush Mountains

What To Do in Georgia - Inguri Dam is The Second Long Arched Concrete Dam

Enguri Dam is the second long-arched concrete dam in the world. This dam was built in the year 1970 as part of the Inguri power plant. This is not really an exciting Zugdidi tourist attractions, especially for the young, but if you arrive here you will get to enjoy the view of the field and the surrounding mountains from there.

Also, you can also visit other interesting places in Georgia like what Gori tourism has to offer, where you can see beautiful nature as well as interesting archaeology feats. Similarly, this city has a lot of natural beauty and is good in warmer seasons of the year.

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