Top Bars in Paris

Top Bars in Paris

Best Bars in Paris

Many amazing cocktail bars in Paris offer unique drinks to travelers. This article focuses on the best bars in Paris located in great areas of the city. Some of these pubs are world famous and are good to relax inside. Since many drinking places around Paris are becoming flashy, these nostalgic and classy ones are great places to drink in peace.


Little Red Door near Square du Temple – Elie Wiesel Park

Top Bars in Paris - Little Red Door is Located in Rue Charlot And Suitable For Tourists And Parisians

Little Red Door is one of the best bars in Paris for tourists, which is also a go-to place for many Parisians. They are famous for their unique hospitality and creativity in making new cocktails and drinks. Therefore, their menu has changed moderately if you visit them after a while. You can find them in Rue Charlot, which is also located in the center of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. This is the place, near Square du Temple – Elie Wiesel Park, to go if you want to relax and enjoy chatting with friends and international tourists.


Le Speakeasy a Prestigious Club

Le Speakeasy is A Piano Bar Located At Rue Jean Giraudoux - Top Bars in Paris

Le Speakeasy is truly the most famous piano bars in Paris, with an amazing interior design. It is the place where you expect to get very prestigious treatment and fantastic drinks in there. As a result, their prices are slightly higher than your average places. There are many artists playing French and International soothing music here. Also, expect excellent wine and champagne here and head to the available cigar lounge to smoke some quality Cubans. The location is at Rue Jean Giraudoux, and the nearest metro station to Le Speakeasy is Kléber.


Moonshiner close to Bréguet – Sabin Station

Best Bars in Paris For Tourists And Travelers - Moonshiner is The Place to Try Some Decent Quality Cocktails

Moonshiner is one of the best bars in Paris if you want to try some decent-quality cocktails. This cocktail bar is part of the Speakeasy vibe and has classical drinks and cocktails. The only caveat here is that the drinks are small in comparison to other places. However, it is somewhat hidden and suitable for those who want to have a peaceful time. Head to Bréguet – Sabin Metro station and walk to Rue Sedaine to find this joint.


Lulu White Drinking Club near Quartier Pigalle

Travel Guide France - Lulu White Drinking Club is at Rue Frochot

Cocktail Bars in Paris where frequently host live jazz bands. It is where you will feel nostalgic due to its incredible retro design and its magnificent wooden bar stools. The good thing about Lulu White is that it is not as crowded as other locations. It is where you go for a calm vibe and meet interesting individuals. You can find Lulu White at Rue Frochot, right next to the Pigalle Metro station and bus stop.


The Harp Bar close to Moulin Rouge

Travel Guide France - The Harp Bar is Located At Boulevard de Clichy

You can find the Harp Bar at Boulevard de Clichy. It is close to the Blanche and Place de Clichy metro stations in Moulin Rouge. The interior of Harp Bar comes with a typical Irish pub smoked wood décor as well as good air conditioning. This is one of the nicest bars in Paris, equipped with large screens for sports match broadcasting of sports, especially football matches. Also, there is a wide variety of delicious bard food as well as local cheeses on their food menu. The place is not wide, but it is long enough to accommodate enough people for events and birthday parties if you are interested.

Those who want to grab some coffee and snack before heading to experience nightlife in this city should check out 10 of the best Parisian café. These cafes are what Parisians love to visit on a daily basis and offer great desserts such as Pain au Chocolat as well as Croissant and fresh coffee.

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