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Best Dishes to Try in San Francisco



Best Dishes to Try in San Francisco

Best Food in San Francisco

Normally, tourists who visit California, want the best food San Francisco has to offer. For this, you need to explore best food in San Francisco to get a better idea on what to eat here. While visiting San Francisco for the first time you’ll always need a bite to eat while you walk the streets. This place always offer the best food so you don’t need to settle for bad food. Here are some of the best food in San Francisco and the best places to eat them.



Dungeness Crab Used by Indigenous People

Best Food San Francisco Guide - Dungeness Crab is Mostly Available At Bay Area

One of the most unique foods in the Bay Area is Dungeness crab. This is one of the best food in San Francisco for seafood lovers where visitors can only get it with highest authenticity. This type of crab doesn’t live in many places worldwide. Also, almost half of California’s Dungeness crab comes from this city itself. This seafood has a long history throughout USA and even prior to European arrival, even indigenous people used to eat the Dungeness Crab on certain occasions.


Irish Coffee Best Had Before a Heavy Meal

Travel Guide USA - Irish Coffee is Nutritious And It is Famous In This City

Irish Coffee might not be a dish, however, it is the best food in San Francisco has to offer in terms of nutrition in liquid form. San Francisco was actually the city that brought this drink to America. This drink is getting famous through the years in the city. Most of the time is it advised to have this drink before having lunch or dinner in order to fully appreciate the flavor and smoothness of this drink.


Burrito Found on Mission District

Best Food San Francisco Guide - Burrito Tourists Can Find At Mission District

Burrito is very common an it is one of the best food in San Francisco. There is no doubt that this comfort food can be found about all places in the city where people congregate. Another good thing is that each neighborhood in this city offers different flavors depending on the South American community that prominently lives there. Though each of such tacos are generally very cheap and offer a lot of flavor and are good for picky eaters. Mission district here offers a lot of taquerias and they all claiming to have the best burritos in the city. This district is famous for having the best Mexican food in the city.

If you like Mexican food, try exploring other cities in the USA like San Diego. This city has some of the best Latin dishes you can have. Also, check out the best places to eat taco in San Diego for those who love authentic taco and Burritos.


Clam Chowder with Various Kinds

Best Dishes to Try in San Francisco -Clam Chowder From Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Shop

Clam chowder bread bowl is truly one of most famous and best food in San Francisco. No visit to this city is complete without this classical dish from the Fisherman’s Wharf seafood shop. The food history is unkown but almost like many other comfort foods, clam chowder might have been originated from people trying to make a hearty meal with little ingredients on hand. This food turned out to be great bread and soup all combined to a delicious goodness. There are various different kinds of clam chowder where the base might be thicker or even the clam itself have different texture.


Cruffin a Delicious Dessert

Travel Guide USA - Cruffin Originally From Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Hill Neighborhood

Cruffin is perhaps the best dessert food San Francisco offers its travelers which is very delicious and healthy. This dessert is unique to this place. This dish is a mixture between a croissant and a muffin and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Hill neighborhood invented it. These delicious pastries are really famous around San Francisco and go well with a cup of coffee.

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