Top South Korean Street Food Choices

Top South Korean Street Food Choices

List of Korean Street Food

South Korea, and especially Seoul, is full of restaurants and mobile snacks that serve a variety of Korean dishes. You can find Korean street foods in famous spots and neighborhoods dedicated to selling cheap and delicious local food. Such places are often very crowded, especially at night. These areas are the best place to get acquainted with local cuisine with their noisy atmosphere and full of taste and smell.


Tteok-bokki or Rice Cakes

Top South Korean Street Food Choices - Tteok-bokki is World Famous Because of its Taste

If you like sweet and spicy food, then Tteok-bokki is for you. It is undoubtedly the number one Korean street food option and is world-famous because of its taste. This traditional dish is a rice cake made with sweet and spicy chili sauce called gochujang. You can find tteokbokki at any outdoor market. They are mainly sold with Eomuk Tang or fish cake soup.


Twigim a Perfect Treat for Travelers

Top South Korean Street Food Choices - Twigim Have Crunchy Bites to Them

Twigim, or fried food, is the perfect treat for travelers. You can enjoy fried squid, delicious vegetable hash, boiled egg, shrimp, and sweet potato. All of them have crunchy bites to them. The taste of the vegetables is subtle in this food. Also, there are many different types of Twigim to choose from. Try tasting each variety since it is hard to find it other than South Korea.


Street Toast Best for Breakfast

Street Toast is A Simple Delicacy - Top South Korean Street Food Choices

This popular and beloved South Korean street food is a simple delicacy. It is the perfect “on-the-go” food for breakfast. Also, this street toast is packed with ingredients. You can see this toast during morning hours, and also you can see it near bustling metro stations. Sandwiches are made of white bread with butter topped with egg batter topped with ham, cheese, shredded cabbage, carrots, and other vegetables. Then, you can top it with ketchup and mayonnaise to make it even more delicious. It is always served hot and packaged so you can eat it wherever you go.


Gimbap as Dried Seaweed and Rice

South Korea Travel Guide - Gimbap is Dried Seaweed is Wrapped in Rice

Gimbap is a traditional Korean dish with dried seaweed wrapped in rice, vegetables, and meat fillings. Its colorful appearance will please the eye and satisfy the taste buds. To this day, gimbap is the most sought-after food by most locals for a quick, convenient, and healthy meal. Gimbap is sold separately outside the subway stations or at gimbap restaurants. There are many different types of gimbap. For example, fish cake, shrimp tempura, pork cutlet, vegetable, tuna, and more.


Dak-kkochi Saucy Chicken Skewers

Dak-kkochi is An Unavoidable Temptation - Top South Korean Street Food Choices

The smell of Dak-kkochi in red pepper paste is an unavoidable temptation. Locals love Dak-kkochi as a snack and side dish when drinking soju. It is a dish made by placing the chicken on a skewer and drizzling it with red pepper paste or soy sauce while grilling. Most stalls sell Dak-kkochi, and you can also enjoy them at any street market.


Eomuk or Grilled Spicy Fish Cake

Top South Korean Street Food Choices - Eomuk Also Known As Odeng or Fish Cake

If Tteok-bokki is too spicy for you, you should give Odeng or fish cake a try instead. It comes with a rich and savory broth made from a crab base. In addition, fish cakes have a chewy texture, allowing you to taste the combination of fish and flour. Many consider Eomuk to be a light snack, and it’s the best choice for any lover of Korean street food.


Sundae Known as Braised Pork Sausage

Sundae braised Pork or Beef Meat Sausage - South Korea Travel Guide

Another popular South Korean street food is Sundae. It is actually braised pork or beef meat sausage. It may sound strange, but the taste is savory and the texture is chewy. Sundae also comes with steamed intestines. Sundae is so popular that there is also a Sundae Town in Sillim-dong, Seoul. This is the place where you can get street food in Seoul. It is the best side dish for drinking soju or makgeolli.


Gyeranppang or Egg Muffins

South Korea Travel Guide - Gyeranppang Are Actually Egg Muffins Found in Seoul

Korean egg muffins, also known as Gyeranppang, are one of most popular South Korean street foods and are sold in abundance in most cities, such as Seoul. This dish is a small muffin with a half-baked egg in the middle and is often decorated with parsley. These muffins are a great choice for breakfast, dinner or snack and are very tasty and delicious with their salty and sweet taste.

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