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3 Things to Do When Visiting the Netherlands

3 things to do when visiting the Netherlands

Essential Things to Do When Visiting the Netherlands

This article explains 3 things to do when visiting the Netherlands and a Netherlands tourist guide for newcomers. The Netherlands is a small country with historic brick-filled and cobblestone-laned cities. Also, this place uses a complex canal system where people can move around the country using the canals.

The Netherlands is beautiful and vast farmland with iconic windmills and some nice beaches. It is one of the most peaceful and amazing places you can visit. When you want to pack your bags and visit this fantastic place, you need to get some knowledge about it beforehand. Getting to know any new place you want to visit requires some background knowledge, so you will enjoy your trip even more.

Here there are a few tips on how you can maximize your happiness when visiting the Netherlands.


Get Your NS OV-Chipkaart Travel Card

The first thing to do when visiting the Netherlands is to get yourself a transport card. The travel card you need while entering the country and planning to use public transport is the OV Chip Card. This card is the public transport contact-less ticket system in the Netherlands which you need throughout the country. You can use this card on buses, metros, trains, as well as trams. What makes an essential item is that you can claim back the remaining balance on the card before your exit the country. Since the country is moving to remove any paper-based transport card getting OV Chipkaart is a must for ease of travel throughout the Netherlands.


Try to Rent a Bike in the Netherlands

Essential Things to Do When Visiting the Netherlands - Hiring Bikes in Amsterdam to Go to Hoge Veluwe National Park

Dutch identity is synonymous with cycling. Cycling is another one of the things to do when visiting the Netherlands. In fact, it is one of the most popular activities throughout the Netherlands, and you will see it all over the cities. Not having a bike seems odd! There are over 20,000 km of cycling paths dedicated to cyclists which is spectacular. A good place to use your bike is Hoge Veluwe National Park which is a particularly beautiful place to ride. Still, the entire landscape of the Netherlands is memorizing and nice to cycle around.
If you’re going to bike somewhere, then the Netherlands is a good option. But maybe a few hours or a day alone isn’t enough. With tons of bike companies, you have your pick of planned itineraries that’ll take you to any region of the country. Whether it’s self-guided or with a host, Netherlands tourists can find an amazing bike tour in the Netherlands.


Attend King’s Day Celebration or Koningsdag

Kings Day Amsterdam Where People Wear Orange Color - Essential Things to Do When Visiting the Netherlands

Probably the most liked event in the Netherlands is King’s Day, a crazy one. Participating in this great event is one of the main things to do when visiting the Netherlands. Every year on April 27th, people celebrate the king’s birthday with outdoor concerts, lots of oranges (the national color), booze, and insane celebrations on the canals. It is one of the craziest national holidays Netherlands tourists can ever see. Make sure to plan your trip to see the festivities in the city. Amsterdam would be the city of choice for this day.


All over there are many things to do when visiting the Netherlands. In fact, all cities here are beautiful. However, Amsterdam is probably the first place everyone wants to travel to. If you visit Amsterdam in the Netherlands, try exploring attractions in Amsterdam as well. These locations offer a lot of cultural as well as unique aspects of Dutch culture. You can also take very nice pictures and have them in a memory vault if you visit this place only once.

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